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Monday, October 8, 2012

My autumn post is a little bit buggy!

photo credit: twinxamot via photopin cc
Normally, this time of year I am writing about my favorite season, autumn. That's what I had planned to write about today....but...
The sky was a pure, clear blue, and the leaves were casting brilliant shades of yellows, golds, and russet reds as far as the eye could see, and the air was crisp...
Normally, all of the things that I love about this season...except...
The colors were too brilliant against that persian blue sky..they hurt my eyes, I had a sharp headache when I tried to look at them.
When I stepped outside into the beautiful fall day I felt a chill that seemed to settle deep into my bones...
After doing my housework, I planned to take some pictures before the last of the trees shed their leaves.
(we've had an early and unusually short peak this year)
Instead, I fell asleep in my recliner with a huge blanket and awoke an hour later to two whining dogs...
Sasha: doing her high-pitched, intake-of-air, type of whimper; and Buddy: with his he poked me with his muzzle...Sasha laid her head solemnly in my lap. Emma was asleep in her little bed in front of the heater, oblivious to all....The phone rang; Jeff calling to let me know it was time to pick him up from work. (I had some banking and bill paying to do today, so I had kept the car, forgetting that it was 'Columbus Day' here in the US...All the banks were closed, and the mail did not run)
As I sat up and pushed aside the blanket, I realized I was sick.
I picked Jeff up from work, and came home to start dinner. Jeff said to not worry about it, just go to bed and rest...I thought about it for a minute, but realized I may want to eat something while I can, because I fear I may have the bug that has been going around.
So I cooked, cleaned up, and we ate.
So glad that I had bought some frozen boca veggie burgers, and baked a pumkin pie yesterday. I added a salad composed of garden tomatoes and cucumbers, topped with ranch dressing and shredded cheddar.
And now I am going to bed, as I need to get up early to take Jeff to work tomorrow so that I can run those errands! I do hate the thought of spreading this bug around further, but things need to get done.
Jeff is working 12 hour shifts lately, so he can not get to the bank before closing, or else he would take care of it for me.

(Psalm 31:7) I will be glad and rejoice in Your mercy; for You have looked on my affliction; You have known my soul in troubles;

(2Ch 20:9) If evil comes on us, whether the sword, judgment, or plague, or famine, and we stand before this house and in Your presence (for Your name is in this house) and cry to You in our affliction, then You will hear and help.

I really hate bugs, especially those microscopic ones!

Yes, I do mind!

Good night, friends.


Child of God said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm sorry you are not well. I hate being sick. :( Praying for you girl.


Susan said...

Oh so sorry, Lisa! I was feeling a touch of something myself today, had a terrible headache and fell asleep on the couch, then a bit of N / V (nausea and vomiting, yeah ok, TMI, lol). Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I haven't been posting much lately, I've been so extremely busy and tired, but I hope to post again soon. God bless you this beautiful -- and also MY favorite -- time of year. :)

Denise said...

Your post started off so warm and cozy, but ended up with news of you being sick; no wonder you fell asleep! (Fall colds are the worst!) Blessings and prayers that you recover quickly so you don't miss any more of this wonderful fall season Lisa! :)

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks for your comments Ladies,
I am feeling a bit better, or at least that is the plan today LOL! If only someone could tell this hound dog (Buddy) that I really don't appreciate his singing (howling) today...He is currently bellowing out a very long (humorous) ballad, that is hurting my head!!
Thanks for stopping by~ God Bless~ Lisa

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Lisa ~ Hope you are feeling better. Quite the catchy title for this post! Aren't our little doggie friends the best? They are always so much company.

Jedidja said...

Not nice you feel so miserable. I wish I was near you, I could visit you. But I read in a comment above that you already feel a little better? Lieve groet!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Chelle,
Feeling a bit better today~ Yes, these dogs are good company, and great entertainment too.
~God Bless~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Jedidja,

It is so good to have this technology right in our homes where we can visit each other~ Brings the whole world closer to one another! I am feeling better today.
(Lots of tea & sleep helped).
I am worried that my husband is coming down with it now, and he is working long hours. He usually never gets sick, but is on medication that may weaken his immune system.
~God Bless~ Lisa

irene @ inspiration from the little things said...

Ooh I'm so sorry to learn that you are/were sick! I hope you are feeling much better today!

I am imagining autumn through your words. Living in a tropical country, I've never seen fall. I do hope someday I could. :-)

God bless you, Lisa! ❤ :-)

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Irene,

I'm starting to feel better now, just a cold (stuffy nose and sneezing). I will be sure to post a few pictures of our beautiful autumn season here very soon for you!
It is too short though!
I would love to see all the flowers and birds in your tropical country...We don't have too many here in the north where I live. Just a lot of trees and deer and squirrels year round.
I love flowers, and I grow some very lovely irises in the spring here. But, just like the lilac's, (my fav) they do not last very long here.
I hope you get to see a real autumn someday!
~God Bless you~ Lisa

Just Be Real said...

Ewwwww love the buggies.

May you heal quickly dear one. Safe gentle hugs.

Never Forsaken said...


Thanks hun, I almost went to bible study today, but didn't want to chance making anyone sick. So I am staying home. It is so nice to have friends to [talk] with on the internet!
~Have a wonderful day & God Bless~ Lisa

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Hi Lisa hope you are feeling better now. Hate those bugs. We haven't really got the fall colors yet. They should be coming soon. Last weekend we drove to NY state and saw some beautiful trees. God bless! I'll say a prayer for a special blessing : )

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Karen
I am feeling better than I did. Just bummin that I could not get to bible study today.
We are past peak here now since so much wind and rain has stripped the trees pretty quickly...We've noticed unusual patterns this year...the areas that are colorful are more sporatic...usually it is pretty uniform by this time in the season.
I guess we had better get ready for winter soon!
Thanks for your prayers :)
~God Bless~ Lisa

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