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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cleaning House Again

This post is by no means intended to cause anybody undo worry. I came across the following website, and after much deliberation, decided I had better take the warning very seriously.
I have spent the entire evening removing all images from my blogs that are not my own property, or that I am not 100 % sure are free to use.
 I have been sued before, by someone whom I would have never, in a million years, expected to sue me. They did not have a case against me, but this taught me a valuable lesson about assuming such a thing could never happen to me.
So, I have cleaned out all of my posts. My blog might not be as pretty as it once was, but at least I have a clean conscience in knowing that I am not in violation of any laws (that I am aware of).

I do urge you to read through the above link, and then carefully examine your posts all the way back to the beginning, as I found that, especially when I had first started blogging, I just followed everyone else's example, thinking it alright to copy any 'Google' image.
It is not.
 And now that I know this, I will be very careful not to do so ever again.
 (Hey, I never said I was the brightest bulb on the tree!) :0
But I am bright enough to learn from mistakes (mine or someone else's).
One more nugget of advice: Do not trust that just because a website allows you to copy an image (for free), that it is okay, unless you make sure that the image is theirs to give away in the first place! Chances are, that just like me, they didn't know any better, and thought any google image was up for grabs.
Well, I guess I covered this as best as I can.
Consider this a sincere apology if I have posted anything that was yours! I assure you it was never intentional.
Ah, well,...still livin' and learnin'!
By the way, I am an unpaid spokesperson who does not work for anyone...AKA: not an attorney.


Peggy said...

We all live and learn. Thanks for the warning. If I post pictures I only use my own, mainly because I have never understood how to use others. I hope you are feeling ok and all your family, too. let me know how you are doing.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Peggy,
We are all doing well.How are you and yours? I am still praying for your healing. I can't believe I did not know about this copywrite stuff before. I remember looking for free christian images, and getting some porno instead one time not too long ago, so I quit using images other than my own then But I had never thought to go back to older posts and check for this stuff.
~God Bless, and have agreat weekend~ Lisa

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