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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Needing Lots Of Prayers

I am OK... Praise the LORD!!!
Deb cannot get her surgery yet due to another health issue, so please
Continue praying for her.
And thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement!
Love you all!

Jeff and I just got over the flu this past week or I would have posted sooner.
On February third my primary care doctor found two lumps one on each ovary. He has ordered an ultrasound for next week (on the 25th). Please pray it is not cancer.
Also on that same day, my dear friend Deb, whom I've known for twenty years or so, found out that she has kidney cancer.
She will be undergoing surgery on the 24th. Please pray they can remove it without any complication, and that it has not spread. 
I've also been (at the insistence of my primary doctor) researching my father's side of the family. As many know, I did not know my father. I only met him one time.
In September while researching family genealogy for Deb, I accidentally came upon an obituary for my father. I knew he had died in 2007, but I did not know the information on his relatives. I found out that he had been preceded in death by a daughter. Upon further research, I found her name was Sharon and she had died in 1994 at age 47.
This concerned me because of the genetic connection between breast/ovarian cancers.
I had already been told by my sister that my father's sister Donelda had died from what she believed was breast cancer back in the 70's at age 49. (though an aunt with the disease did not concern my oncologist...he said it must be a closer relative).
I have had no luck in finding the cause of Sharon's death. I have even used that ancestry website and contacted other members with a connection to the same no avail.
Even a phone call to the county which she died gave no information...and since I cannot prove relationship to her, they will not release her death certificate to me.
If I knew if these women died from either breast or ovarian cancers...then I would be able to make certain decisions, and so would my three daughters.
The testing for the BRC1 mutaion is very expensive, and not always accurate as it is still early in the I must know if I have a high risk before getting the test.  
So your prayers are so very needed at this time for both Deb and myself.
~Blessings & Love~

Monday, February 2, 2015

Excessive Happiness

To control the severe hot flashes that I’ve been experiencing, my doctor put me on an anti-depressant. It worked wonderfully, and as a bonus it has also helped with my anxiety and depression.
I read the pamphlet the pharmacist included with the medicine yesterday and it said to call your doctor or 911 in the event you experience…
Excessive happiness.
Of course it listed many other things, some clearly dangerous, like seizures or problems breathing etc..
But, excessive happiness?
What does that even look like?
Does the person smile too much, or go around doing nice things for everyone around them?
Maybe you catch them stopping to smell too many flowers, or taking too many pictures of sunsets or puppies… Oh God forbid!
Better call 911!
“Hello… 911?”
“This is 911, what is your emergency?”
“Um, my wife won’t stop smiling and humming…She’s going around the house cheerfully vacuuming the carpets and playing fetch with the dog…and worst of all…She keeps hugging and kissing me, telling me how much she missed me everyday when I come home from work!”

I know that an excess of many things can be very bad…An excess of bees, spiders, and dog hair to vacuum every day… I’ve watched that show on TV where people hoard an excess of things in their homes resulting in an infestation of rodents and other very unpleasant consequences.
Of course eating an excess of sugary treats can result in rotten teeth or bad health.
Maybe if more people suffered from happiness, they would not feel the need to accumulate so much stuff, and they would be able to live in an uncluttered environment, and have less debt as a result too! Or maybe they would not feel the need to eat too much, or gamble, or….(fill in the blank)
I think excessive happiness might  help to eradicate (or cure) the problem of truly dangerous or unhealthy excessive behavior in this world…Or is too much happiness something we should beware of?
Maybe I need to watch more sad movies, or CNN more often.
Wait a minute, what medication is it again? Oh yeah, an ANTI-depressant… I nearly forgot.
Well, I had better end here…I need to go call my doctor because writing this post made me a little too happy today!
Your comments make me VERY happy…but don’t worry, I have ‘Old Yeller’  loaded into the DVD player…and if I get too many comments I have ‘The Yearling’ on standby….I’ll watch them both if necessary. Winking smile

To the person who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness... Ecclesiastes 2:26

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