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Friday, August 22, 2014


There was something abnormal in my brain, but they are not too concerned about it...It does not appear to be cancer related. Doctor will discuss it with me in detail on my next appointment with him in three weeks.
He is not worried, and so we are not worried either. Hopefully this will answer why my balance is off.
Thank you for your continued prayers...I have been calmer than I thought I would be these last couple days...Now I am just curious about what is going on inside my brain...Maybe my brother was right, and I was dropped off by aliens as a baby...He said they would return for me again some day?

Thank you all for your encouragement...and above all else...Thank the Lord for carrying me through yet another new door...the door that led into the MRI scan.

and remember, we are...


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Still Waiting…


I’m still waiting for the results from the brain MRI I had last week.
It wasn’t exactly the greatest experience…getting the scan.
There was a series of blunders throughout. (I won’t get into the details on here)…Let’s just say I’m glad it’s all over. I have my regular appointment on Friday for the Herceptin infusion, and the doctor will likely go over the scan with me.

I got a CD with the images on it to keep…I looked at it, and I probably shouldn’t have because of course I thought I saw something strange on it!

Lord, help me not to have such an imagination…but that is how the Lord made me, I guess…So in order not to drive myself (and everybody around me) crazy, I will just leave it up to God and the experts in the field of reading MRI’s.

We had a fun week with Sarah and Josh and their two dogs staying with us while they got an electrical problem worked out at their house…They returned to their own home late last night and I miss them already!

The last time I went to the oncologist I met and was able to counsel a woman who was there for her first chemo…She and her husband were very scared, but I am happy to report that she is doing well, and I was blessed to have been able to offer her some comfort during that most difficult time. I will likely see her again on Friday.
It was also a sad day that day as I  met another woman who was there with her 21 year old daughter. Her daughter told me that her mother had been in remission from breast cancer for thirteen years, and  now it had returned and was in her spine. She is still a young woman, and I can only imagine what she must be going through. Her daughter seemed very loving and supportive…Her Mother’s name is Rosemary…My prayers go out to her.
I’ve been taking so many pictures, and am having a hard time deciding which ones to share with you all…We’ve been keeping busy throughout the summer, and having lots of fun. Even though the picture I am sharing with you today is not one of my best…I like it because I just got done watching a bunch of TV shows about sharks for ‘Shark Week’…


…Dadum…Dadum * (theme music from ‘Jaws’)*

Do you see the shark in the sky? (I sure hope you do, otherwise I might be going crazy!)
I took this picture on our way home from Indiana last month…while we were watching some pretty scary looking wall clouds forming overhead!

And here are a couple of my favorites from our trip back to the city park and zoo in Lafayette:
  1.   But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31  -


and remember, we are…

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Golly, Miss Molly!


We watched  Molly, our daughter’s Chihuahua last month while she went to Vegas…

She came with a lot of luggage and a lot of rules such as:

  • Do not touch her, there, there, or there…
  • Do not touch her toys…
  • Do not touch her food…
  • Do not touch her bed or her tent, which the bed is inside of….etc..etc..

By the time we returned her to her Mommy, I was able to touch her anywhere, play with her toys, her food, her bed and whatever else was on the list.


She tried to nip me once early on, but I just simply got up and walked away leaving her on the couch by herself for the night…I didn’t even look back at her.


The next morning she was begging for my attention, even placing her little body underneath my hand as if to say that it was alright to pet her anywhere I wanted to, just so long as I never left her by herself like that again! She stayed near me for the remainder of her time with us.


Molly is staring at the vacuum that I had just finished using. (Yes, that is how much dog hair I vacuum up at one time!)


Molly and I are playing…


She is a blur for most of the pictures because she is so fast!



Where did it go?


Got it!



What cha doing, Grandma?


Finally, it’s time for a nap.



Molly loves my favorite blanket…maybe because she feels well-hidden in it?


Buddy watches Molly from a safe distance…He and I went outside and played with the stick Shortly after, but not before I played a game of hide and seek with the dogs…I laughed so hard watching them from my hiding place while they ran around in circles looking for me…I nearly wet my pants when Buddy ran right past me…I couldn’t stop giggling, so Molly found me!

Lord willing, I’ll be back with some more updates from the past month…

In the meantime, could you please pray for a clear MRI next Tuesday, Aug.12…My doctor does not believe there is anything wrong, but wants to do this test before figuring out why my balance is still off…He says it is probably just me….or my inner ear more specifically.


and remember, we are…


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