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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The View Outside My Window

Soon this will be the view outside our bedroom window...In the warmer months we also get humming birds visiting here..they will hover right in front of this window  and it will appear as if they are looking at the cross windchime hanging just inside!..I cannot wait!..Soon winter will give way to spring; And by the way, can you believe my husband wanted me to cut away the 'Rose of Sharon' outside this window?  I  just tied back the branches that were a threat to the window screen instead.

About the "Rose of Sharon" of the Bible

"I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." (Solomon 2:1)

Jesus is often "symbolically" referred to as the rose of Sharon. (the New Testament never literally refers to him as such)

'Sharon' is a plain - it is one of the largest valley-plains in all of Palestine. Back at the time of Solomon, it was considered a wild, fertile plain that had a lot of beautiful flowers in it. Although the Sharon is mentioned only once in the New Testament (Acts 9:35), it is frequently referred to in rabbinic literature often with allusions to its fertility. The plain has been the main land invasion route of Palestine from the south throughout the ages, down to Napoleon (1799), and the British under General Edmund Allenby (1917–18). (Britanica Online Encyclopedia)

See the shamrock in my flower garden?

                                                           Happy St. Patricks Day!

For the True story about St. Patrick:

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