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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Family Tree Epic Fail!


First of all, in case anyone missed the update to my last post...I am fine! I thank you for your prayers and encouragement...and above all, I thank the Lord for bringing me through another fearful event in the cancer journey....Jeremiah 29:11-13 was my handle to hold onto through the storm.

Now, as I mentioned in that last post I was researching my father's family and I started to research my mother's side also. I made quite a lot of progress with my mother's side of the tree, but did not get any leads on my father's side regarding his sister's or his daughter's cause of death.

I wanted to share with you something kind of funny that happened when I was constructing my mother's family tree:
I got so hooked on the research and getting new hints and such, that I hardly noticed when I started to get really sick with the flu, so I just continued until I realized that I was sweating profusely and getting chills. I closed down the program and went to bed. I stayed there for a couple of days very sick with the flu.
When I felt a bit better, I opened the program to resume my research and looked at the family tree that I had constructed earlier... and to my utter dismay, I had somehow arranged it so that my grandmother had married her own mother! (Sorry Grandma)...
The moral of my story:
NEVER try to build your family tree when you are running a fever of 101 degrees!
Some other things that are happening around here...Well, there's nothing too major...Which is probably a good thing.
One of the (little) things that has changed is I am using Jeff's laptop I need to get used to it. My laptop has fan problems, and also needs to be plugged in all the time now. I can barely use it. I do miss the windows 'Live writer' program from my laptop...In case you are not familiar with that program, it allows you to write a blog post while offline. This is very handy to those of us with limited or unstable internet connections.
Also, my daughter Sam and her husband gave Jeff and I their old iPhones...We are really enjoying them, and were able to close our home phone account and save some money by using these phones instead.
Here's some recent photos taken with my iPhone:

As you can see from these photos, It has been very cold in Northern Michigan, which is expected this time of year, and as in many other places, we have been experiencing some colder than normal temperatures...many days have been in the negatives these last two weeks, but it is getting warmer.
The last two pictures were taken in Tawas City located on the eastern side of Michigan on the shore of Lake Huron. I was born just south of there in Port Huron. I've always been drawn to the Great Lakes, even though I live pretty far away from any of them now. I can remember when my mother was still alive and I would travel down there to visit...I would always stop first at the shore to watch the ships.
If we travel straight east...we will arrive at the place pictured above, and if we travel west we will be in Ludington on the shores of Lake Michigan.

And if we drive as far North as possible...crossing the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and continue North until we run out of land...we will be at my favorite place in Michigan here:
Whiefish Pointe

Thanks for visiting...and Lord willing, I will get caught up with everyone's blogs real soon.
Love you all~

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...

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