Monday, April 24, 2017


Sasha passed from this life on Wednesday, April 19th 
She was at home and surrounded by her Mama and Daddy and brother, Buddy.
I'm sorry I did not let you all know sooner..It is just so painful (still).
She would have been 14 in June.

She really loved the snow!
We told her it was time to go run with Emma in heaven, and that Jesus would take good care of her until we get there.
Emma and Sasha about ten years ago

~Blessings & Love~

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Attainable Goals for 2017

It's been a long, strange winter here in Northern Michigan.
But the song of the red-winged blackbird has returned once again, bringing the message of hope and renewal that spring always brings to the earth.

I have resolved once and for all to never make New Year resolutions again. 😄 
Instead I have made a list of achievable goals for the year.
Among these goals are:
*Go back to church. 
I attended church today for the first time in several months. You know you've been gone too long when the pastor forgets your name!
I also finally got my computer repaired two days ago. It took them a whole ten minutes to replace the faulty Power Supply Unit; so I thought today would be a good day to get started on another goal....drum-roll....

*Get back into blogging regularly!

In fact, some of my other goals can be used in blogging, such as:

*Practice kindness and mercy toward others.
*Write more often, but using less words. (challenging for me)
*Slow down and do things with more thought and care.
*Be more organized.
*Focus more on relationships, not material possessions.
Of course I must be able to balance the time spent online in order to achieve the last goal ...
*Keep house neater, cleaner, and more organized.
 I have been practicing this for a couple of weeks now, and am finding that with a little organizing and decluttering, this is becoming easier every day.

Well, that wraps this post up for today.
Thanks for visiting me here!

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...



Thursday, January 19, 2017


Dear Abba,

I lift up your Holy nation, Israel, and your Holy city, Jerusalem.
Protect your people, and make them to stand firm in the knowledge of your promises.
I pray that you would remind them of your everlasting covenant concerning the land that you have given them.
I pray also, for a hedge of protection to be placed around Donald Trump and his family and staff..That you would have his heart guarded against deception and to have his heart set upon Israel continuously, so that America will be called a blessed nation under God once again!
May any resolution from the UN to divide your holy city be cut down, and any effort or attempt by Iran or any other nation to attack your people, Israel, be turned back upon their own heads!
Finally, Abba, may your people who are called by your name humble themselves and pray, and seek your face, and turn from their wicked ways that you might forgive us our sin, and heal our land!
In Jesus, I ask...~Amen~

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mama-Mia and Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Meet Mama-Mia..Our new kitty adopted from our local shelter.
Her time was running out and when I saw her online, I just knew she was for me!
At just two years old, she is a big kitty that just loves to cuddle with everyone.
This is an answer to my prayer of more than three years ago when I got sick and really wanted a cat to snuggle with, and she is the cuddliest little thing I've ever met!!
It took me this long to work up the courage to step into that shelter for the first time in over thirteen years.
(Which is when I adopted Sasha)
I'm so glad I did this..
The dogs both love her!
It's weird, but she acts as though she's always been a part of our family.

I also think she makes a great birthday gift to Buddy who just turned seven today!

Happy Birthday Bud!

     & remember, we are...


Thursday, November 3, 2016


When a fast food chain starts placing venison (deer) on their menu..It is NOT a good thing!

I'm not even gonna name the restaurant, since I don't want to freely advertise this..But most of you probably already know anyway.
Opening day of deer hunting is a big thing up North where we live.
And yes, we do have venison in our freezer still from last season as I write this..
The reason I am not happy about this is because, as an eater of venison, I am able to enjoy the meat because I know that the person who harvested my deer did so with responsibility and even compassion. I know that she lived within her herd and grazed on the land that our friend owns which consists of several wooded acres as well as thousands of surrounding farm fields here in Northern Michigan.
Not one season have I failed to first thank the Creator for this provision and then thank the deer for her sacrifice.
So..why shouldn't the folks who do not or cannot hunt be able to partake in a venison sandwich at a fast food restaurant? Well, my answer is pretty simple.
For the same reason I have given up eating beef, pork and chicken. *I am not always successful in avoiding these foods however, but am working on it. I am also in the process of eliminating dairy from my diet..This is actually easier for me because of awesome products such as almond and cashew milks.
I can no longer eat those animals knowing that (many times) their sacrifice came about from having to exist in a very cruel and abusive industry where their flesh means big money, and they are  treated as just a product for mass consumption. Living in cramped holding stalls or cages unable to see daylight in many cases, and in order to get good and fat, unable to run around and feel the earth beneath their feet and graze with their herds the way God intended.
I am not trying to start a debate here..just telling the facts of what our consumer-driven fast food chains have to do in order to satisfy the wants of their customer in a way that is cost effective for their industry.
I think many people would agree that it is pretty awesome to watch wild deer as they peacefully graze in a field or leap through the wild landscapes like they do so here in the great state of Michigan and elsewhere..their white tail flagging as they retreat into the forests.
I enjoy watching the small family of four deer that like to hang around our front yard picking through acorns that have fallen, or pulling down branches of the cedar pines that grow in our swamp and nourish them throughout the cold winter months.

Now, this fast food chain might say they have sourced their venison from some distant place where the animals are grass fed etc..But the truth of the matter is that may be the case for now while they are introducing this new product to their customers, just to see if there will be a demand for it or not..But once they discover how people do enjoy eating venison (like we have for millennia) and that they are making lots of money selling the product..then I'm sure the dollars will follow the demand like everything else..and they will have no shortage of 'sources' to draw from in order to keep the cash flowing!
I would expect many people will be excited about profiting from this new industry and our government would likely allow farms to raise deer in areas where they are plentiful like right here in Northern Michigan as well as all over the USA.
I would also expect to stop seeing the deer in the wild anymore before long.
If you doubt what I'm saying here..then let me tell you..The fast food restaurant that just introduced this item on the menu
 in six states on Halloween day, is already boasting that it was a total success as the sandwich completely sold out on the first day.Just some 'food for thought'!

And remember, we are...


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Let's go for a ride!

Meet our new mud buggy!
(A dream come true for us)

oops, this is from Hog Island a couple weeks ago..But I'm leaving it on here cause it is so pretty

Time for lunch on the trail
Thanks for coming along for the ride!

and always remember,
we are...


Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's Wintober (Winter in October)

Jeff walked around the house singing Christmas carols last night..
Don't know whether to rake or shovel! 

~Blessings & Love~

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hello...I am still alive and well!

I've only been online for a short while now and already I am addicted to YouTube. 
I've been hearing an awful lot about an impending WW3, and other disturbing things...So I have decided to put my trust in The Lord, and not worry about this. Some might think that is foolish, but as my daughter says, "Don't let the devil steal your joy today with fears about tomorrow."
Jesus said the same thing:

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:33,34

So here is my offering to any who are weary from listening to the news..Some of God's little reminders of his power and Majesty over his creation..and his love for his children through Christ our Lord..

I took this photo at a very remote and difficult to access
area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula..I managed to frame the lighthouse
by  leaving the designated pathway and laying down in the sand behind the driftwood.
This photo reminds me to always keep my
focus on Jesus, my Lord..He will never be moved,
but there are times when I will need to move away
from the path that I am on in order to stay focused.

Although this is not one of my better photos, I am
including it on here in order to illustrate a point..
Even through the storms of life..We can clearly
see and remember God's promises.

 I want to apologize to friends who have contacted me worried because of my long absence and silence online.

We do have home internet now, thank The Lord, and it is pretty amazing!

As soon as we got our cable upgrade, we were blessed by a week long visit from our oldest granddaughter..She and I had a total blast!

We are so much alike, and I think she was really surprised that her grandma really is such a kid at heart! I know her mom is probably confused about what ever happened to the strict disciplinarian that raised her, lol! I am retired from all that now, so it's time for some fun, fun, fun with the grands! 
Alyssa taking a picture of me taking a picture of her

At the close of summer Jeff finally got some time off from work and we were finally able to take the camper out for some exploration!

We also visited our daughter in Indiana for a few days at the beginning of October, and had some fun at Indiana's annual 

'Feast of the Harvest Moon' festival where we walked around eating turkey legs and sipping hot apple cider among many people, some of which were in period dress circa mid 1700's...

Here is Jeff and daughters aboard two ship museums on the coast of Lake Michigan
This is the largest of the two, the
 S.S. City of Milwaukee.(otherwise known as Manistee's Ghost Ship)
because they open it up as a haunted house tour in October..We toured it in August.

And here is a photo someone took of an alleged ghost ship on Lake Superior the same weekend we were there!
This got the attention of our local media and is now all over the internet.

And here is a photo I took myself of a real ship as we drove over the  Mighty Mackinaw later that same week

This photo was taken early morning on the shore of Lake Michigan
The land you see is called Hog Island.
We parked our camper on a ledge overlooking the water..
In fact the next photo shows the rocky shoreline
where our campsite is hidden.
The camper is perched on a cliff at the right of this photo. 
At sunset
And here are some neat passers-by that we encountered during our camping trip...
This eagle was perched on a rock way out by the island..He was hunting seagulls. We know this because a friend who camped there before witnessed eagles taking down seagulls who migrate to the tiny island each spring to lay their eggs. We were there last May and seen the island full of them..(This last camping trip was earlier this October.)

These two made us laugh as they were navigating the waves trying to get in for a closer look at us!

Only two days after returning home, our Son In Law shattered his hip in three places..He is a disabled veteran, only 30 yrs. old, and he is having a very difficult time of it. He initially stayed in the hospital for five days after surgery, but we had to take him back for an additional five days because of severe pain and swelling. We would sure appreciate your prayers for his recovery. He is at home now...

Thank you, and God bless!

~Blessings & Love~
and remember,
we are...


Just one more photo...
Taken after I completed this post..

Yes, that is snow on that pine branch!
(sorry about the reflection in the window)