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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Getting Rest And Care Everyday

1 Corinthians 1:4-8

I thank my God always concerning you for the grace of God which was given you in Christ Jesus, that in everything you were enriched in Him, in all speech and all knowledge, even as the testimony concerning Christ was confirmed in you, so that you are not lacking in any gift, awaiting eagerly the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will also confirm you to the end, blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Last year the blogging community received a very special New Years gift from God by receiving a special word for the year…Does anyone remember this?
My word last year was ‘joy’. That word manifested itself in many ways throughout the year, confirming God’s plan and will for my life at the time.
This year, I wondered whether or not I would get another word for the year, or was it only a one time thing. I thought about the word ‘joy’,  and even considered what other word or words would compliment that word…I even expected a word like ‘strength’ to be the one for this year…especially since the scripture “The joy of the Lord is my strength” kept coming to mind especially as of late!
So…Is my word for 2014 ‘strength’?
Although strength is what I will need a lot of, and strength will be given just as Jesus promises: “My strength is made perfect in weakness.”
The word for me this year is GRACE!
Why grace?
Have you ever went into a panic because you realize that you forgot to pay an important bill, and perhaps there will be not only a late fee applied, but also the interest will go up really high…like most credit cards will do? And then you call them and find out that you have a grace period in order to get the bill paid without penalty…Well, this year I have been given a grace period so to speak in order to get my body back into a healthy state again. And although it will take the Lord’s strength in order to do this, I am being told by my awesome Creator and loving, but fierce Father that I must learn how to quit depending upon my own puny strength and trust in His strong arms to hold me steady and carry me through this…my year of grace.
This grace has already played out quite a bit this past week…Can you believe it has been a whole week since surgery? I am in awe of how God has made our bodies to be able to withstand so much and to heal so quickly!

I am almost pain free…I only take some Advil throughout the day…(not to exceed the safe dosage). For me this is big because I have always hated narcotics…although they certainly do have their place in medicine, and after surgery they were helpful for a couple days…But, again I am so happy to no longer need them!…(Honestly, I don’t understand why so many people want to break the law in order to have those things!) I am not referring to those whom actually need the relief from severe pain that they can only get from a drug like that.

To update my last post, the lymph node that was questionable did turn out to have a very small lesion on it…so small that my surgeon and oncologist both agree that no further surgery to remove more nodes is necessary…That is a good report.
Now, we will let the chemo do it’s job to make sure that if there are any undetected cancer cells anywhere in my body, they will be killed off quickly and permanently. The cancer was also HER2+…meaning the cells produced too much of a certain protein making them grow faster than normal cancer cells…so there will be a targeted therapy delivered specifically to block that protein. This therapy is relatively new, and being called a miracle cure for breast cancer! It used to be a very bad report if your pathology showed the HER2+…but now it means we know exactly what makes the thing tick, and how to stop it.
I bought a wig. I am doing as much research and preparation as possible for this next leg of the journey. Please pray that side effects will be few and tolerable…at least.
My spirit feels strong…my body is healing, and I have fallen in love with my dear husband all over again! I call him my angel knight in shining armor! It is amazing how much we are both gleaning from this experience already! God is so present here with us, and so many friends and coworkers are calling or visiting in order to tell us how much they are talking to God about this…And here’s a couple of funny/neat things we’ve learned so far:
My husband is a good cook! My girls and I always had a sneaking suspicion that he could cook…and now, after thirty years of marriage…The cat is out of the bag, so to speak!
I have always been teased about my “monkey feet”..But, boy did that ever come in handy when, after my husband helped with with a bath, I was able to pull open a low drawer in the bathroom vanity, and retrieve something (small) from it using my toes…We both laughed so hard I thought I would pop my stitches!
Who would have ever predicted that my husband would ever have a conversation with the secretaries at work about wigs. One of the ladies in the office has a mother who is involved with the local cancer center and is making the preparation for a consultation for a wig. Even though I already went to the same salon and was fitted  for one that I already purchased, I can get another one…which I will need especially for the summer months. I have also been practicing how to tie scarves for head coverings…I never knew there were so many different and lovely ways to tie a head covering!
I have even been learning about things like using make up to brighten the skin and even draw on 3D eyebrows…Now is a good time to exercise my artistic creativity. My girls all made me promise that I would not allow their father to draw on my eyebrows…(they remember a certain childhood haircut that they all received from him once long ago.)
So this is the start along a narrow and bumpy path on a street named ‘GRACE’. But I have a wonderful traveling companion, and a guide who is buckling me safely into the seat that He has prepared for me upon this chariot of fire!
I will try to remember not to dwell upon the bumps in the road too much…but to anticipate the destination to the next phase of God’s will for my life here on planet earth…you are all welcomed to follow along with me…God will probably use this to teach us some new things about our faith, and His glory and grace…especially His grace.

& remember, we are...


Reformed rebel said...

Good morning Lisa ~ It is so good to hear you be so positive! So many people are not when things go wrong. Grace is such a beautiful thing and God gives it to us so many times doesn't He? I know what you mean about those narcotics...why do people love them! My drug of choice these days is tylenol! LOL I know the Lord is going to continue to be with you and your family and that He will bring you through it all. We learn so many things as long as we keep our hearts open to listen and hear from the Lord. Continuing to pray for you. So glad to be able to call you friend. Blessings and love to you....Chelle

Brenda said...

Hi Lisa,
what a lovely post, and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and your family. I am sure you will look lovely in your new wigs until your hair grows back. I used to wear a wig sometime when I was young, just for the fun of having a different hair colour and style. As far as drugs are concerned, I believe the best drug possible is the Holy Spirit, and you have it.
God bless you with His wonderful GRACE

Jedidja said...

Happy new year for you and I love your One Word, Lisa.

Susie Swanson said...

Happy New Year sweet friend. I see and hear alot of strength in you. May God continue to Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Even though the trials ahead will be daunting....Our Lord's GRACE will be with you. Your attitude through this reminds me of Jame's words...Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. James 1:2.

My prayers continue to be with you my friend... Maria

child of God said...

Grace! Good word. :) I will pray that Father will continue to fill you with grace this upcoming year and that His hand of healing is on you.
Trials either bring out the worst or the best and I have noticed that those who love God and follow Him, when the trials come the best comes out. So glad to hear you are falling in love with your husband again. :) Nice and kind of exciting. :) And to see that he is a good cook, that is a bonus!
Standing beside you in prayer Lisa and covering you in the powerful blood of Jesus Christ.

Hugs and love,

Jane said...

So good to read that you are in such good spirits, Lisa! Sounds like you have the blessing of a wonderful and supportive family.

Dee said...

2014 will be your year of strength given by the Lord...just lean on Him and let Him do the all the work n your healing via the chemo. I am thankful your cancer is one that can be eradicated...just sorry you have to go through so much. Please feel free to post as you feel never know who it will help...blessings friends. Hugs from Dee

Sharon said...

Lisa, I am just so blessed by you! What an uplift to my spirit to hear about the strength of your heart. And grace, what a great word for you! You have such a sense of God's grace in your life, and your precious heart passes it on.

Glad to hear that you're recovering well. You have such a wonderful attitude about this ordeal - it blesses me so. Great news on the lymph node, and that the doctors will be able to accomplish a targeted attack. Prayers continue...

Happiest New Year to you and yours.


(I'm revealing my word next Monday - I was surprised about it. Should be an interesting year as God *works* this word into my life and my heart!)

Deanna said...

It's so good to read of your good report. Even better to how the pain has drastically reduced. Glory be to God as He has led you and your husband with His strength and dear grace. And!! Nothing beats falling in love all over again with your husband:D have fun with those monkey feet, and enjoy that secret skill of your husband's -cooking! I've kept you in my prayers and keep you there. With love, deanna

Peggy said...

I love your word for the year-grace. It's a perfect word to describe how you are handling this rough bump in your life, you are handling it with such grace, given to you by Jesus. I am inspired by your grace and thankful for ahis grace. We all need more of it this year.

Susie Swanson said...

Thank you for the sweet words on mine. You are an inspiration to us all. May God continue to Bless you .

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear friend, I had not visited your blog for a long while, as I had undergone my own oral surgery last November and waited to heal. But now as I read this post, and also the few others before it, I realize that you have just gone through surgery yourself. I am praying for your full recovery. I also love your very peaceful and encouraging response to everything that you have gone through. May your New Year be showered with abundant mercy and grace. A beautiful word for the year indeed. It goes hand in hand with joy! Love

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post ~ fairly shimmering with peace and grace ~ amazing how you have found this in the midst of all that's happening. Bless your dear husband, Lisa, and your family. They love you very much!
Would you believe, but I also used to get called 'monkey feet' when I was little, by my mom.
She also used to joke that I should have had a tail! I climbed a lot, and also fell on my head a lot...hmmm, now I have migraines, wonder why?? : D

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