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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Me, (the Clay) & ‘Rooms’

I still have my hair…I am just practicing how to wear a head covering in preparation for the hair loss that will likely result from the upcoming chemo treatments.
We have also stocked up on a virtual arsenal of products that should help to counter or at least ease some of the possible side effects of chemo. I am overwhelmed by the amount of helpful websites and videos made by cancer patients who are generous enough to share their personal experiences, and share some tips and tricks of the trade , so to speak, on how they managed whatever side effects came up for them…Everyone is different regardless whether or not they are receiving the exact same chemo drugs. In fact…you can talk to 100 different people, and you’ll get 100 different stories!
The website has even compiled a nice shopping list consisting of many products that have been tried and true by literally thousands of patients.
It is unfortunate that this disease is so common, yet it means that there are many resources available as there is also lots of information and treatment options as well.
I believe that by trying to look my best during the process, I can pull some good from a difficult situation. I hope this will help me keep up my moral so that I will remain optimistic through this next few months.
The first photo is me wearing my wig. The second one is my real hair.                                       

Wednesday, January 08, 2014
I have described this cancer journey as if I am entering into a series of rooms..
When we first met with the surgeon to discuss the next step in surgery, he asked me if I was sure about my decisions. I told him I cannot walk back through that door and change things. That the only choice was to continue moving forward.
It is scary when you enter into a new room in your life. It’s scarier yet when you hear the door close behind you. Knowing it will not open again.
It helps to visualize that God has already gone before you into that room. He has stocked it full of whatever supplies you will need while in there…And once you are ready; you will find another door that opens for you. And another room awaiting.
Psalm 139 tells us that God has written out each day of our lives before we have even lived one of them.
Also, that same Psalm says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! Praise our Wonderful Creator for making us thus…and last, but not least:
In Romans 9:20 Our Creator asks:
Who are you, the clay, to question me, THE POTTER!
I think we are all being formed and re-shaped each day. Whether it is physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally…or a combination of these…maybe even all of the above.
Obviously I am being re-shaped and molded quite literally in the physical sense these days; but there is also quite a change going on in every other way as well!
Google image
This remolding is not always comfortable. It requires the hardened (set in stone) parts of us to be broken first.
I have to believe that I will end up better than I was to begin with.
The road may be long…But the journey will not be walked in darkness…

Thy Word is a lamp onto my feet, and a light onto my path. Ps.119:105

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...


mari said...

You look beautiful :0) The Light that is in you will continue to shine as you go through the treatments.

Yes, it is a room. A room that for others will cause anxiety, but for a child of God, it is just a step in the journey of our lives. Each of us has a specific trial to go through, or a room to enter, but like you shared, He has already gone before each of us and cleared the path.

I would like to join you as you enter through each room. In my quiet time, Our Lord shared with me the fact that this is something that we can all do with you. When you start wearing the headcovering... I'll be wearing mine here in the mountains in your honor. To encourage you to continue to walk through the rooms... We will be together in this with you Lisa.

You are not alone.

In His Love,

Never Forsaken said...

Your comment brought tears to my eyes...Happy ones!
There are so many helpful videos online to teach simple ways to do the head coverings...Just the thought of a sister in Christ wearing a beautiful head covering with me touches my heart and makes it sing!
I know that we will feel like honored daughters of the King if we express ourselves in such a feminine manner...celebrating the art of being a woman...Though the beauty of your heart is what is seen here <3 ((hugs))!

child of God said...

You are stunning in the head covering and the wig looks so natural and free flowing.

You are so right in saying that you cannot change things but you can move forward and through the doors that our Father opens up for you. I am in total, 100% belief that if it is in accordance with Father's will this cancer will be completely eliminated from your body. I am asking this for you and trusting His hand is on you and this whole process will form you into who Father created you to be and to walk in a very close, intimate relationship with Jesus.

Thanks for journaling.

Praying and praying,

Susie Swanson said...

You are so beautiful and I love the wig and cover on you. That wig looks like your real hair. I'm praying that God will take care of it all . He performs miracles everyday and I have such a good feeling about it. I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts daily for you. Blessings.

Reformed rebel said...

Lisa ~ You are beautiful in all of your pictures. I love the way you describe your journey as entering rooms...and that God is already there before you ever get close to entering! Keep trusting and believing. all of us are out here trusting and believing for you as well. Where two or more are gathered....
Love you Chelle

Peggy said...

You look beautiful in your wig and in your hair coverings and with your own hair. You are just beautiful inside and out. The way you are chronicling your journey through the rooms is lovely and inspiring. Praying that the new year 2014 will be the best year ever for you.

Alexandra Rose said...

Lisa, you look amazing in all your photos. Truly.
The 'room' you are in is one full of God's Light (as we'll as challenge) and you are reflecting it.
Amazing pictures, humbling words (to me).
Hugs xx

Brenda said...

I have to say that, as everyone else is saying, you look really beautiful in all your pictures. The Lord understands our fears and concerns but He tells us not to be anxious about anything. He never leaves us nor forsakes us, and with that in our minds we will go through each day in His strength.
God bless you.

Jedidja said...

It is sad for you to lose your hair! But what brave to see the opputunities before you're sick from the chemo! Well done. God will not forsake you, in any room. He is already there. Even though you're sometmes tired or down: believe in His Word: I am with you all days!
Lieve groet / dear greetings.

samantha said...

Mom you are such a beautiful and inspiring person. I'm praying everyday for your journey to be easy and painless. You have full support from your family and I am so blessed to have you as my mother. I believe your journey will also open the eyes of others and might bring awareness to someone that might have cancer and not know if it hasn't been for you. No matter what up and downs this brings you, I will be there with you 100% of the way. I love you mom, my inspiration, my hero. Xoxo

Dee said...

You are beautiful inside and out...I am sure you will do great through this journey....I still wish you did not have to go into that new room but You are not alone....and the room has lots of windows and doors :)

Deanna said...

Don't think I've seen a picture of you on your blog before.... both wig and real hair are pretty!

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments...I will enter into each room knowing that I am not alone...Not only does Jesus walk beside me, but the love of my family and friends will always bring me joy no matter where I am! Such a blessing you all are!

Never Forsaken said...

I want nothing less than to show you and your sisters that God never ever gives us more than we can handle (with His help).
I could tell you this for the rest of my life, but to be an example says it better.
You and your Dad and sisters are the best medicine...I wonder what I did right to deserve you guys!
Love you too, my dear daughter <3 MoM

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I love how you explained about the rooms and how God has what is needed in each room ready for us. You are so right - going through this sure is something that is shaping us.
And by the way - Your wig looks so close to your hair style people probably won't even know the difference. Lisa :O)

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so glad that you found this particular post...When I saw your first comment, and learned you are going through cancer too, I thought: I need to tell her about what God showed me about the rooms! God already showed you...LOL!

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