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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm 'Ported'!

I'm home and resting. Thank you for your prayers!
I am in a bit of pain, but it is beginning to ease as the evening progresses.
This room was equipped with everything that I needed, but I am glad to have closed the door on that one until it's time to have the port removed next year. I have all day tomorrow to rest until Friday.
Thank you for your inspiring and supportive comments on my last post...The sentiments and scriptures were exactly what I needed to hear!


Sharon said...

Not only is that the face of a beautiful woman, it's the face of a brave woman. Prayers are with you, dear sister. May the Lord uphold you...I know He will. And I pray that He will grant courage and peace to you, and your family, in the next few weeks.

Battle-armed and ready - Go fight the good fight!


Reformed rebel said...

Lisa ~ You look like you are ready! I know the Lord is with you and has already gone before you! I know also that your faith is high! Rest well tonight and tomorrow and keep your strength up. Praying for you and your family.
Blessings friend,

Deanna said...

Keep His Word close to uplift you by His Promises. Surely thinking of you in my prayers and want His full recovery to be your.
Blessings to you this evening, Deanna

samantha said...

You're beautiful mom! Praying for you. I miss you and wish I could be there with you right now. I love you so much and wishing you strength on this journey!

Ceil said...

Hi Lisa! I am coming over from Chelle's blog. I am so grateful that I did. It's a pleasure to meet you, and it looks like you are sick, and I'm so sorry about that. I will add you to my prayer list right away.
God bless your way, and give you peace. So lovely to meet you.

Alexandra Rose said...

Thinking of you, may God be with you and bless you on the path of healing.

Denise said...

You look lovely and at peace sweet friend! Take good care and rest in God's loving comfort and grace!! Thankful for you that this part is over! Blessings and joy! Denise

Lily said...

You are another step towards beating this disease. xxx

Brenda said...

go and get that teddy bear off Sasha, and remember, God has no limits. He is able to do all things. Remember, we focus on the Son of God, not circumstance. God bless you my lovely friend and get a nice restful sleep.

CAROLDEE said...

Sending you healing prayers for strength and pain free days ahead. God be with you and his angels comfort you.

child of God said...

Battle scars. You are wearing yours proudly. :) A story in the making of Father's hand on you and how He is caring you through this trial. I see Your Knight in shining armour riding in to sweep His bride up as she battles this demon of cancer. He is there fighting with you and for you. I have the NW corner and deflecting the spiritual warfare in prayer on my knees glorifying our King.

Praying and praying dear sister.

Dee said...

Prayerfully thinking of you.

samantha said...

Good luck with your chemo tomorrow! I love you and I'm so proud of you mom! I pray that god gives you strength as well as comfort. You mean the world to me and you have such a great support group. You are truly an inspiration.

Jedidja said...

I am wishing you strenght on your path this days. With the chemo.May our Lord lift up your head. xxx

Peggy said...

You look wonderful in that pic. Peaceful, serene, rested, beautiful. I'm praying for God to give you everything you need and I know He wants to do this for you because He loves you so much.


HAPPY 8TH B-DAY, BUD! I think he's had too many birthday cookies already today!