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Saturday, October 1, 2011

God- Kissed


And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen. (Psalm 72:19)

After a full week of constant rain, I was eager to get away and find some beautiful fall landscapes.
I drove 14 miles to a nearby town that has a nicely groomed hiking trail, but it was just simply too early to find much autumn color there yet. My husband and I both took several pictures and when we got home we noticed this tree had turned very vibrant. The best was right here in our own backyard!


Child of God said...

This is a beautiful pic! And right in your back yard. :)
I love fall time colours, just makes my mind swirl.


Never Forsaken said...

Hi C.O.G,

Me too! By the way, today was the first day in a while I was able to leave a comment on your blog..Hope you don't think I'm ignoring you! Google hates me:( ..But Jesus loves us! :)

~Peace & Blessings In Jesus~

Reformed rebel said...

I could sure go for some rain here! Winter is my favorite season. Love the colors of fall though...and right in your backyard! Don't you love how God blesses us?


Just Be Real said...

That is an awesome picture with such vibrant colors of change. Thank you for sharing it with us. Blessings.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

I'm waiting for our fall colors too. We a smidge so far. And the weather is getting cooler. Hope I can get some great shots this year. Your photo is beautiful I love the red in the tree.

Peggy said...

Don't we usually overlook the best that's been in our own backyard all the time? Beautiful picture! I love the beauty of autumn. Leaves are just beginning to change where I live. I'm going to enjoy every moment.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Chelle,
Praying for rain for you. My best friend loves the winter too I love spring and fall it's like goldilocks says: Neither too hot or too cold..just right!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it..More to come soon!

Hi Karen,
My husband says he likes it right now when there's still enough green to contrast the vibrant colors.

Hi Peggy,
Yes we sure do! We don't ever have very long to enjoy fall, but if it were any other way I s'pose we'd just take it for granted like so much else.

~Peace & Blessings In Jesus~
Never Forsaken

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