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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

About prayer

Lately I have been asked to pray for more people than at any other time in my entire 27 years as a Christian.

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Here I am, a weak, and (often) scared little woman with fragile bones, and scattered brains…sitting down with the Spirit of Almighty God, and just talking about how people need Him so much. They need His provision to pay their car insurance so that they can get to work, they need His healing touch upon their sick child, or husband, or upon their own body, to take away the cancer, the lung distress, the heart condition, the depression, the anxiety, they need a job to pay the rent before the date on the eviction notice comes, and their little children and them will have no home. Then there is the call from a friend, who is on the other end sobbing, and just tells me she has an unspoken request, and would I please pray?
I can only imagine, but God knows. I can only pray, but God gives His grace as only He knows best. His will is perfect…He is the author and finisher. Even what little bit we may do…it is not by our own righteousness, but by Christ’s righteousness that He does it all. It is through His grace we are saved, we are healed, we are delivered, and we are blessed.
Here is a little secret: I do not always feel like praying. Sometimes I am instantly overwhelmed by doubt, or emotion, or fear, anger, etc...But I know I must ask the Holy Spirit to intercede with groans instead of my own words…I know God deserves to be praised for who He is,  So I praise Him… I am humbled in His presence and my fear, and doubt, and anger is replaced with hope and joy and love for the Savior and for the Father, and gratitude for the Holy Spirit.
And then I read another prayer request online, another email, and the phone rings once again…I grow weary, and I feel inept. Am I depressed again? I ask. Why are we getting so attacked? I ask. Are any of us going to make it, or is the enemy going to pick us off one by one, hour by hour? 
Are you still there?

A thousand shall fall at thy side…

So weary, I can’t even seem to open the Bible.

For you, Deb

Discouraged.... Where is my faith?

... and ten thousand at thy right hand;

I turn on the TV for distraction from my gloom, I am forced yet again to think about the election, and politics, war, and wickedness. I turn the channel and am reminded once again of the victims of Hurricane Sandy…another storm coming, they say.
I flip through the channels and am disgusted at the blatant immorality displayed on the screen in front of me, and at the consumer greed that fuels commercial after commercial. No, we do not need a better cellphone! People need to call on God! That is the only sure and dependable communication available to us!
I turn off the TV, and go to bed. I am angry, not at God, but at the enemy. What I feel is indignation…righteous indignation. I realize, that this is not my own anger, but God’s anger welling up inside. The Holy spirit is showing me that I must not fall asleep spiritually.
We must all remain sober and alert. Do not grow numb. Pay attention…Do not turn off that News Broadcast, Do not turn your face away! God wants us to see, He wants us to see enough to bring us running into His throne room, to keep us on our ‘spiritual’ knees. He wants us to know that all the ‘unspoken’ prayers from our hearts are being heard, and that all the spoken prayers from the saints are being delivered and He is delighted to share with us His grace and mercy!
He will always answer, and sometimes we may even be able to hear that still, small voice amidst the thunder and the bombing, within the humming of the MRI scanner, and the crying child….

Be still and know that I am God

In the morning I awake to the phone ringing. I am reluctant to answer, thinking it is just another of the ‘robo-calls’ from one of the political groups, attempting to stretch the truth about the propositions in order to fool me sway my vote…
But something tells me to answer it…My friend sounds really happy, she thanks me for praying…everything has been resolved. We praise the Lord for His grace and power.
I complete my morning routine with a bit of a bounce in my step now, as I sing praises to the Lord. I read an email, and then another…praises for answered prayer! I visit a blog…What? God did what?…surgeons prepare to attach valves to a baby’s heart, only to find that the valves (that were believed to be missing), are not only there….but are already attached!… Wow God!
Then the phone rings…Mom, the rent will be paid!  the Lord has shone His favor, giving grace once again…Yes, it was my own daughter and grandchildren being threatened with eviction; and because she and her ex husband are in process of divorce, and  my daughter has just began a job recently while going to school as well, we could not move them here. All we could do was pray, and God intervened. Now they can stay in their home, and school and job!
Back online…I was praying for a friend having trouble, going through a ‘dry spell’ some time ago…she is back to blogging, and I can sense the renewal of purpose in her posts! Little did she know, that even while I was trying to reassure and encourage her, I too was parched then….but God’s Word never returns void…He works through us and in us….
Encouraged, I answer the phone and can speak with confidence to the caller as she sobs…Don’t worry, honey because God is answering our prayers, and he desires to bless us…I share with her about all the others…and reassure her she will be next! God is so good…

Got the call just today…Another praise…You were right Mom, (yes, another of my own)…God is good and worthy to be praised…

9 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;
10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling

Where is our dwelling place?

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.   (psalm 91:1)



Karen Kyle Ericson said...

I love this post! Thanks so much for your prayers. We are doing fine in New Jersey. We got snow today! It's so beautiful and clean after Sandy. A gift from the Lord : ) This storm isn't nearly as bad. We have power. The traffic lights are working. The temp. is much warmer.

I sat in my studio and watched the snow fall. Took a few pictures. I listened to a piano solo on my CD player, read a bird book with illustrations. Got inspired to paint from a robin photo I took last year. I feel like a new person. My hubby sent me a text that we should build a fire tonight. God is so good to provide our needs. I am still praying for those in need, several warm shelters have opened up in NYC.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Karen,

I am delighted to be reading your comment! Missed you.
I hope you will share your photos soon.
I just sketched a cardinal perched on a snow-laden branch. I used watercolors, and pastels, but used something I bet you would never guess for the snow...Since I painted it on colored card stock, I used liquid 'white out' for the snow on the branches.
I am glad you are enjoying the blessings of God with a renewed spirit.
~God Bless, my friend~ Lisa

Child of God said...

Hi Lisa,
What a beautiful testimony of the power of God! Thank you for sharing. When we are down with the overwhelming feelings of despair we need to run into Daddy's arms with all of our concerns and He will pour out His love on us and show us good things. :)

Continue to cry out your heart to Father, He is listening and He is about to bring upon revival in a mighty way.


Reformed rebel said...

Hi Lisa,

This is such a great post! I can feel the emotion in every word!! The enemy has been attacking all of us more than normal these days. But...GOD is so good! He fights for us when we don't think we can go on. So glad to read all of the good news in your post. Answered prayers...YES and AMEN!! Just reading your post...your words...ignites the fire deep within my soul tonight! I thank GOD for you Lisa. You are a good friend. Thank you for the prayers. They have meant so much to me, and helped me, more than you can know! I'm praying for you.

Ken said...

Wow Lisa, what an awesome post. Oh I wish so many more people would see their need for God in their lives. I have been doing a lot thought lately in this subject matter. Even the air we breathe is by the grace of God. It is by His mercy we have another day. Lately my heart is aching for people to realize their need for God. Earlier today thinking of the direction of our nation, their is only one answer for the problems we face, that is we need God in America again. We need revival, first in the church, then spread into our communities and around the country. Most of the world needs revival also.
Thank you for sharing this most needed post and God bless,

Denise said...

Hi Lisa,
What powerful words of our neediness and praise in prayer! God is so pleased when we PUSH (pray until something happens)! Your persistence paid off because of your honest and faithful heart that attracts so many friends and loved ones to turn to you. And God looks forward to hearing from us day and night, over and over, as we pray sincerely and wait patiently! What an awesome testimony dear Lisa!

Blessings and love,

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

That's wonderful Lisa : ) Someone else recommended white out to me. I love that you're mixing paint and pastels. I like to use colored pencils and watercolors. The skies the limit : ) You go girl! I'll be working on my robin today. May God bless you abundantly!

Never Forsaken said...

PUSH...I love that!

~God bless you, dear Denise~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Ken,

I am happy to say that after a couple days to think and pray, I am at peace with the election results, because God ordains the ones who take office, whether we vote or not, and although Gos knows we voted our conscience, history must play out according to how He has written it. Revival is coming...I can sense this just as so many of us who have the Spirit within us know when our Master is nearing His return! Be excited. And don't grow weary...just allow the Holy Spirit to speak to the Father...this is the heartcry, our prayer!

Never Forsaken said...

...OOps!...'God' knows we voted. Sometimes I swear somebody rearranges the keys on my keyboard!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Chelle,

I was so inspired by your post a little while back...I so appreciated your honesty, and look at how many people could relate!

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you Jesus... because of you, we can now cry...
~Abba Father!~

Never Forsaken said...

If I get around to it, I will scan it to share with you..I have used everything from glitter, to shredded papertowels to mix it up a bit. My Mom suggested turning paintings into lightboxes (lit from behind), and then building a small shelf into the frame to place things that would appear to 'pop' out from the paintings ie: rocks or branches. Can't wait to see your robin :)

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