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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Overflow and balance

I learned something new yesterday….well, two things actually.
The first thing I learned about was when  it seems like there’s just too much to keep up with in life, too much to do and we find ourselves overwhelmed, because it is impossible to keep up…We tend to freeze up, causing everything to become a mess.
I learned this from…
my washing machine!
Yes, my washer taught me a very important lesson  when the drain froze and the water began to overflow…It was very hard for me and Jeff to catch the water into containers until it drained out…We couldn’t keep up and the bathroom floor began to flood!
The second lesson I learned was from my friend Deb during a phone conversation earlier in the day…She said that we needed balance…that we either talked too often or too seldom resulting in not having enough to talk about, or having too much catching up to do…and we overwhelm each other. Her wise counsel stayed with me throughout the day, and early this morning I awoke and something just clicked. You see, I’ve been struggling with the feeling of being overwhelmed with a lot of things lately, trying to get caught up, only to find myself nearly paralyzed by too much overflow…overflow in my thoughts, in my housework, with my list of things to do and people to talk to and catch up with…and with this blog.
For a few months now, I have been less than enthusiastic to post to this blog…even though I really want to. This has perplexed me so much that I wondered if maybe God no longer wanted me to do this. Until I thought about the idea of balance…and overflow.
And it clicked. I need some consistency in my life. Not only with my relationships, and responsibilities, but also with what I want to spend my free-time on.
I enjoy writing, taking photos, and doing art projects and studying the Bible and then incorporating the photos, and biblical lessons, (and sometimes even some art) into blogging to share with my friends on here. But if I am not consistent and write about things when they happen, when it’s still fresh…then the flood comes when I try to play catch up with my posts…and it is easy to get very overwhelmed…and so I freeze, and nothing much gets posted.
I was very frustrated last night when we were dealing with the washing machine. It was all my fault too…I should have tested the drain first since this wasn’t the first time it happened.
I woke up this morning frustrated because the laundry was still in the washer, and now I would need to wait until Jeff comes home tonight to get that drain thawed…
And then this morning when I took the picture in my bathroom I turned and was reminded of three things:
God is trying to tell me something here. It’s all over my bathroom…and in the Bible!
I have these words written on my shower curtain, my walls, and even on the tooth brush holder…And to be consistent with my word for this year…On my heart!
If I begin to believe and trust God with the flow in my life, and I remember to praise Him in ALL things…staying consistent with my daily Bible reading, prayer, relationships, responsibilities, and even fun hobbies like photography and blogging…Then balance will be restored in my life once again.
I think this was a good lesson to start the new year off with.
What lesson(s) have you learned so far this year?
<3 Lisa


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I love it when we learn lessons like this just in our every day lives. Thanks so much for sharing!
Lisa :O)

Mari said...

Sweet Lisa...finding balance is not easy, but one you do, it is truly sweet. Lessons? I am praying for guidance here. I work a part time job and I am realizing that it is just too much for our family and also for me. I am been led to leave it by Our Lord, but I am afraid also of been tight of money once again...finding balance? a prayer for me dear friend. mari

Never Forsaken said...

I am learning to pay better attention to the every day things that I can learn what God is trying to say through them.
<3 Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Mari, I have been where you are more than once, my dear friend. You have my prayers.
My prayer for you is that God will give you peace in your heart as you make this difficult decision.
Stay strong, my friend...God will supply your every need as He has promised.

For all God's promises are "Yes" in him. And so through him we can say "Amen," to the glory of God.
2 Cor. 1:20

Sharon said...

Such a great lesson here! (Even though it started with a problem washing machine - but sometimes the great lessons come out of things like this, right?!)

Finding balance is always a struggle - and one in which I feel it's most important to have the Holy Spirit guide us into wisdom. Too much or too little - either end can be ruinous.

What lesson have I learned so far this year? Well, yesterday in Bible Study I realized yet again how God works and weaves in our lives. How He can take us past devastation, disappointment, discouragement, despair. I am learning that HEALING can come when we yield the need to have everything bright and beautiful. Healing can be found in resting in His arms, going past the things that hurt, and leaning in to His Love.


Jedidja said...

I love your lesson in this writing! Thank you very mich for writing this. My lesson is that God is a real Helper in situations that there's nobody who can help you.

Big hug.

Never Forsaken said...

s a good lesson too...One in which I probably should think more about. I tend to want everything bright and beautiful first, and then I think it will help me to feel better, but that's not always possible is it.
Paul said he could be content in any situation even in prison, and that is because all he needed was Jesus...Corrie Ten Boom was the same way.
It is good to know the Lord is there to lean on...always no matter where we are.
<3 Blessings!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Jedidja!
Yes, that is a good lesson also...Again, I am going to quote Corrie Ten Boom who said: "You will know that Jesus is all you ever need, when Jesus is all that you have."
<3 ~God bless~

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