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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Like Molasses In January

 *Note* This was yesterday's post...Today I am sitting in the parking lot while Jeff has his doctor's appointment...I am doing an update on my laptop...Nothing much to post about today. 
I've been bitten by the lazy bug today.
I feel as slow as molasses in January!

I got up late this morning, and when I made the coffee I looked outside and noticed the feeders were empty, so I put my coat and boots on (over my bathrobe) and went outside to fill them…A playful little chickadee started singing it’s name to me, so I sang it back, and the little guy musta liked it because he came close for a visit while I was filling the feeder, and I’m sure he would have eaten straight from my hand if Buddy had not been with me….but he did land on the suet hanging mere inches from me!
Speaking of the bird feeder; I've gone through some recent photos, and found many shots of birds and blooms found around my yard this past summer and fall.

I'm trying to decide what to do with them. Of course I will share them on my blog, but I don't think I want to publish them all at once in a post, so I'm trying to think of a clever way in which to incorporate them into the blog as maybe a collage of some sort...or a photo album.

So, here I am tapping away at the keyboard while the house is still a mess from the weekend…I am having trouble getting motivated today!
I like to spend the weekend with Jeff and let some (Ok, most) of the housework go. We usually go for a ride on Friday after work to Houghton lake where we do our shopping, and then Saturdays we just get in the venture van and venture wherever the wind blows us.
Yesterday we took Buddy for a ride and he did pretty good. I took my camera along, but forgot to place the battery back in it after charging it…So, I will leave you with this interesting photo taken Friday instead…
In case you can’t see it…I played around with the photo a bit….See the crying eyes in the rear window of my van?
IMG_2481cryeyes - CopyIMG_2481cryeyes
Well, I’ve been waiting, but so far the laundry hasn’t begun to fold itself…so I guess I’d better get to it. Winking smile
Blessings & Love~  Lisa


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Oh can so relate to the lazy bug. I have had it too often lately. I am trying to at least get a few of the jobs, that I have been putting off for so long, done each day. But still really behind.
Loved your photos- look forward to seeing more of them!
Lisa :O)

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Lisa.
My energy seems to fluctuate throughout the day. But it feels so good to finally have some after so long being fatigued! I have been making an effort to take my camera with me wherever I go lately...I didn't take many pictures for quite a while...and I missed it!

child of God said...

Hi Lisa,
I love a lazy day every now and then. I think it's cool how you spend your weekends with Jeff, just hanging out together.
Yes, I see the crying eyes; cool!
I'm a bit behind in reading, so I'm off to your next post...see you there.

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