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Thursday, January 8, 2015

My new normal…?


Oh, how I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time now.
I know you’ve all heard people say that after any life changing event a person will learn to find a “new normal” for their life.
Well, I myself said it often enough and heard it over and over again…But, what does it really mean to find that “new normal”? And does it have to mean that the new normal somehow will not be as good as your ‘old’ normal was?
One of the things that I have been blessed with since my bout with cancer last year is the ability to laugh at things more…the kind of laughter that brings tears to the eyes and hurts your gut.

Hairs an example …
My brand new baby hair…It is so thick and curly that no amount of hair gel can tame it! I can’t help but laugh whenever I look in the mirror each morning…I just never know what will be sticking up or curled which way. One side of my bangs is straight while the other is curled upward!
One side towards the back refuses to lie down flat…and then for even more amusement…
On one side, my eyelashes are nice and long…on the other…not so much, although the eyebrow on that side is a bit thicker than the other one.
At this point I am just happy to have hair…but truthfully, I am wondering if I will ever want it long again. I really think I am going to embrace this new shorter hair thing…a new normal for me. It might grow back to its old norm if I wait long enough, but I sort of like it short and sassy… although a little less sassy would be nice.. lol!
One day my friend Ellen came by for coffee. We chatted a bit and Ellen got a bit sad and teary eyed. I handed her a tissue and told her to just look at my crazy hair and laugh…and she did. So, God used my hair to help relieve my friend’s sorrow for a moment. That was a good thing.
A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.
 Proverbs 17:22
Now, if only I could find the irony in this constant runny nose…a left over side-effect from the Herceptin. Of course it starts just when I get my hands full or begin a task like cooking or folding clothes…Hopefully it will go away soon…Well, at least people don’t crowd me in public places since I look like I have a cold all the time..That’s sort of handy this time of year with the cold and flu season in full swing. Which reminds me, I got my flu shot this year for the first time since 1999…(I haven’t had the flu since 1999, by the way.) 
Now they are saying this year’s flu vaccine isn't effective. Well at least I don’t have to go to the hospital every week for blood work any longer and get exposed to everything! In fact, I can stay home and hibernate all winter long this year…Sounds good to me.

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are…
~Never Forsaken~


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Oh Lisa~ I think your hair looks cute! I have the same problem with my bangs- I have a section of it that has an curl to the left but the rest of my bangs are straight. I have curl above each ear and some at the back on the bottom. I had my hair trimmed earlier this week and there is less curl over my ears- because less hair.
But I think you look great! It is great to have hair again. And it is neat that you are enjoying it enough to want to keep it short. Going without hair really makes a person more appreciative of their hair once it comes back.
So did your hair come back the same color as before or different? Mine - is a bit less red than before - so a bit darker I think.
Anyway I am glad you are getting used to your new normal.
Have a great rest of the day! Try to stay warm. Lisa :O)

Mari said...

Oh Lisa ... I have to laugh on how you describe your hair. I have curly hair and now that is turning grey, it curls in some parts while it stands up in others... yes, I can certainly understand your plight sweet friend (lol!) ... but it is good to see your smiling face once again ... mari

child of God said...

I love how you are embracing things! Your curls are beautiful. I, for most of my life, have had dead straight hair, but since the RA and taking Enbrel and Methatrexate I have curly hair. Just like you one side is more curly then the other but it is not curly enough to enjoy but nice enough to make my hair fuller. It is the weirdest thing.

Praying this runny nose will stop soon.

Love and hugs,

Reformed rebel said...

Love the pics...your new hair...and your sense of humor Lisa! God has truly blessed you...and us through you!
Blessings and love,

Crown of Beauty said...

Great post... to be able to laugh more as your new normal is a wonderful thing... Your baby hair looks good. Maybe if you trim it often it will eventually settle down. And I pray your runny nose will also eventually stop. Have a great normal year ahead of you dear friend.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Mari,
Oh I am starting to get more used to it....I guess I will never be bored with hair like this.
It's good to know I am in good company!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sweetie,
That is weird! Jeff is on Methatrexate too...His hair has always been curly, but I think it is straighter now lol! He takes Humira with good results for his RA too.
Do you like your curls better? I do.
I actually had a very short cut several years ago and it curled almost as much, but I had very long hair back then and, being younger I liked the longer hair. But the short hair seems to fit me now.
Love and ((hugs)) to you~Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Chelle,
I thank God for allowing me to not take everything so seriously all the time...It has really helped me fight depression to learn how to laugh at myself...and He has given me a lot to laugh about, believe me.
Blessings and love to you~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you Lidia,
I hope the nose stops soon also, but I am still (technically) under the influence so to speak of my last Herceptin infusion, which means I must allow time for the drug to leave my system. Of course we pray it has been successful in doing what it was meant to do which is to train my immune system to be able to identify and destroy any abnormal cells with the protein receptors that caused the cancer to grow in the first place...So I guess a runny nose is certainly worth the benefits.
I will have to get a haircut before too long I imagine...and that will help I am sure.
I pray your year will be a wonderful one, my friend!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes it is great to have hair again!
My hair is much darker now....which doesn't really surprise me.
I am trying really hard to stay warm...Thankfully today is much warmer, and we are a bit more normal at almost thirty degrees!
LOL!...~God bless~ Lisa

Jedidja said...

You have a very sweet hairstyle now! I like curly hair. Your humor is refreshing. I wish you a very good week and I hope that your resistance and immune system may climb up. Drink regularly pure elderberry juice or beet juice drink

Sharon said...

Lisa, I think your hair is adorable! And yes, sassy! I think it suits you. And I love your sense of humor! It inspires me to look at life a little less seriously, and to remember the healing power of laughter. Sometimes I think what it will sound like to hear Jesus laugh. Don't you think that will be the best sound ever?? I can really picture Him welcoming us to His side with a heartfelt chuckle - crazy hair and all!!

Love this, and love you.


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