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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My husband and the fawn...

Thought everyone might get a kick out of this...Jeff called me from work early this morning. There was a little fawn not much bigger than what our Emma was, and it would not leave him alone...its Mama was in the woods, but the youngster came up to him and sniffed his nose. and then proceeded to sniff out every inch of the grader and then curled up right behind the big front tire. Jeff turned the grader on hoping it might scare the little guy away, but it just jumped up and walked up to the cab and looked at Jeff.

BTW: My husband is allergic to deer hide! If he touches it, he'll blow up like a balloon...I asked him about the deer sniffing his nose, and Jeff said so far no allergic reaction., my Jeff cannot grade the road unless he puts the fawn inside the grader with him and risks a reaction to its hide...or he calls his boss to come out and hang onto the little fawn until he is finished grading....I told him to use his gloves, and carry the fawn into the woods with near where he saw Mama...He said he tried that, but it just followed him back out to the grader!
Is this adorable or what?  

Mama bleated and the baby ran to her, but then a few hours later Jeff saw a van stop and pick the fawn up and take it so he called the DNR and reported it (this is illegal to do)...The two people in the van knew the fawn had a Mama since she was there.
He said the doe kept running back out by the road looking for its baby for the rest of the day.
Jeff even seen the van pull into a driveway and leave, so he went to the front door and spoke with the lady inside and told her what the people in the van did, and told her it was illegal. He then asked if she would call the woman who was driving the van, and the lady said she would be in class by the time she called (so she refused to call her)...So then he asked if she also knew the man who was the passenger, and when she said she did, he asked if she would call him then, and the woman told him that the man could barely use a phone...In other words...she wasn't going to call him. So Jeff decided to report them.
BTW: the woman Jeff spoke with gave the woman who took the fawn a large box.
I just don't get people!
I would not be so angry if they had picked it up thinking they were saving it, but they saw the mama right there...and it is a dead end road with only 3 houses on it!   :scare3:
Well, the DNR officer said he would call back when he located the fawn.
Hopefully the doe and her fawn will be reunited soon.

Have a wonderful weekend ~Blessings & Love~ Lisa


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

How very sweet! That is so sad that people would take a baby animal away from its Momma. You can tell the fawn is very young. I hope that they are able to find the fawn and reunite them. Let us know if you hear.
Lisa :O)

Denise said...

Praying they get reunited.

Susie Swanson said...

Awe, I can't get over this. How sweet is that and sad at the same time. People will do anything now days. Blessings and hugs, xo

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Awww that poor baby. I hope they can get the fawn back soon... Great shots by the way and storytelling : ) God bless!

Crown of Beauty said...

I love the gentleness of the fawn, and deer are really such gentle animals. It saddens my heart to hear what those people did to the little fawn. I really hope it can get reunited with its mama soon.

Anonymous said...

It is sweet and upsetting at the same time. Amazing what people do! :(

Sandi said...

Oh no!! Please let us know what happens!

Deanna said...

Hi Lisa! I simply haven't had the time or energy to blog, and the later to blog once the kids are in bed. I have what seems a billion things to sit down and write about. But, I thought I'd pop in this morning to tell you that I am still praying for you. In fact, I prayed for ya' this morning. Love, Deanna.

child of God said...

That's wild!! I wonder why the fawn was so friendly.

That really does make me mad that someone would deernap the baby when they knew mama was there! I hope they catch those people and fine them big time. Now that poor deer will be without it's mama and tamed. I have no problem with this happening if the mama is dead but she isn't!

Yes, please let us know if you hear anything else.

Praying for baby and of course for you!

Dee said...

Oh happy smile turned to worry...please update us.

Reformed rebel said...

Loved the whole thing until the end. Hoping they find the little thing and return it safely to it's Mama!

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