Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Granddaughters

Our three little granddaughters made the paper!

Don't you just love how these kids are completely lost in that ice cream.. Remember those days?
We usually don't see kids eating ice cream in their winter coats and boots!

Well, this grandma will be stocking up on plenty of ice cream for the next visit, that's for sure!


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    1. Thanks Chelle,
      My daughter called right after you and told me about this.

  2. Hi Lisa, I just love this picture. I remember those days too. It was such a big treat for us to go to Thrifty's drug store when I was growing up. They had an ice cream counter, where a single was 5 cents, a double 10 cents and a triple for just 15! And the ice cream was so good too, always fresh, never freezer burned and they would pack it down into the cone so you really got your money's worth. Sigh. My favorite flavor was double chocolate malted crunch. Yum! Have a lovely Saturday evening, With Love, Delisa :)

    1. I am reminded of the dime candy store on the corner from where my Grandma lived. It was safe to walk there as a kid.
      Aside from the cost of things...the joy of a child having a treat like this is exactly the same.

  3. Sweet! What a beautiful picture! I love Italian ice. Sometimes we go to Germany. But we never take ice. No sugar in the ice there

    1. Hi Jedidja, It sounds like a nice tradition for your family!
      That is strange that there is no sugar in it there.
      I pray you and your family are well my dear friend.
      God bless~
      With love~ Lisa

  4. È muito pouco blog que fala em Deus como
    é bom e faz a gente se sentir melhor na vida.
    Muito feliz já estou seguindo seu blog deixando convite
    para visitar meu blog.
    Uma abençoada semana beijos, Evanir.

    1. Hi Evanir,
      Thanks for visiting my blog...Yours is quite lovely.
      Have a wonderful week too...God bless

  5. I remember the ice cream truck!

  6. Your granddaughters are adorable!

    OK, I love ice cream. And I have found a *safe* way to indulge. I'm a huge fan of fat-free or sugar-free fudge bars, and Skinny Cow makes a delicious ice cream sandwich! My favorite flavor is chocolate mint!

    When you stock up, can I come over for a cone or two or ten???


  7. They are adorable!!! Yes, they totally look enamored with their ice cream cones.

    Blessings hon,

    1. Thanks, sweetie! Yes they do.
      ~Blessings and love~

  8. The ice cream shops are starting to open up around here and i on occasion see people eating a cone in a jacket or heavy sweater...:) The picture is a treasure....and adorable.

  9. Lisa I love what you've done with the blog : ) It's beautiful! I found some Magnolia blossoms this week on the trail and want to show them to you. I'll figure out how and let you know! Love ya still prayin away. Love your photo here too. God bless abundantly!

  10. What a heartwarming photo this is...

    And the new look of your blog is beautiful!

  11. Hi Lisa, I hope you are having a restful evening! Thank you for your comment tonight on my blog. When I was originally writing the post, I was struggling to find just the right words and I felt like I wasn't getting it quite right.

    What you said about "not having a point of reference" and the "feeling of being thrown into the deep end not knowing that you knew how to swim", were just perfect. Your comments are always an encouragement, and a big help to me. You have a way sometimes of playing back my words as how you understand them or interpret them to be and that is so helpful from a writer's point of view. It is important to me as I work on this book project that I am to be understood. In your writing you have a beautiful way of crystalizing points and using few words to get to the heart of a matter. I so admire writers who have a natural ability to do that. I also love the new background picture on your blog. Sleep well and pleasant dreams! With Love, Delisa :)

    1. Hi Delisa, I'm sorry I didn't see this comment sooner...Thank you so very much for such kind words!
      I think I live inside my head so much, that I have learned to interpret all the 'pictures' I see in my mine...that is how I see pictures or even small movies playing out...I was an only child, so to speak (my siblings much older than myself)...and I spent many hours alone with my books and art.
      Your blog is beautiful and inspiring to me as well, my dear friend!
      ~Blessings and love~ Lisa


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