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Sunday, April 27, 2014

An April Morning

 Psalms 50:9-11

"I shall take no young bull out of your house Nor male goats out of your folds. "For every beast of the forest is Mine, The cattle on a thousand hills. "I know every bird of the mountains, And everything that moves in the field is Mine.

Spring has finally sprung in the forest land! I have been busy taking it all in. Here is a poem that I thought you might enjoy as you view our scenic backyard that has been teaming with wildlife...These are only a few, taken early this morning in a part of our yard that I have named 'Emma's Dell' (like in the poem) this is where we buried our little Emma girl.
Can you see me?
(click image to view larger)

 'It Was An April Morning Fresh and Clear: By William Wordsworth

It was an April morning: fresh and clear
The Rivulet, delighting in its strength,
Ran with a young man's speed; and yet the voice
Of waters which the winter had supplied
Was softened down into a vernal tone. 
The spirit of enjoyment and desire,
And hopes and wishes, from all living things
Went circling, like a multitude of sounds.
The budding groves seemed eager to urge on
The steps of June; as if their various hues 
Were only hindrances that stood between
Them and their object: but, meanwhile, prevailed
Such an entire contentment in the air
That every naked ash, and tardy tree
Yet leafless, showed as if the countenance 
With which it looked on this delightful day
Were native to the summer.—Up the brook
I roamed in the confusion of my heart,
Alive to all things and forgetting all.
At length I to a sudden turning came 
In this continuous glen, where down a rock
The Stream, so ardent in its course before,
Sent forth such sallies of glad sound, that all
Which I till then had heard, appeared the voice
Of common pleasure: beast and bird, the lamb, 
The shepherd's dog, the linnet and the thrush
Vied with this waterfall, and made a song,
Which, while I listened, seemed like the wild growth
Or like some natural produce of the air,
That could not cease to be. Green leaves were here; 
But 'twas the foliage of the rocks—the birch,
The yew, the holly, and the bright green thorn,
With hanging islands of resplendent furze:
And, on a summit, distant a short space,
By any who should look beyond the dell, 
A single mountain-cottage might be seen.
I gazed and gazed, and to myself I said,
"Our thoughts at least are ours; and this wild nook,
My Emma, I will dedicate to thee."
—Soon did the spot become my other home, 
My dwelling, and my out-of-doors abode.
And, of the Shepherds who have seen me there,
To whom I sometimes in our idle talk
Have told this fancy, two or three, perhaps,
Years after we are gone and in our graves, 
When they have cause to speak of this wild place,
May call it by the name of Emma's Dell.

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...



Denise said...

Enjoyed this, love you.

Denise said...

Beautiful poem Lisa, and what a lovely April morning! Love your pictures! I think of you often dear sister, and continue to pray for strength and recovery. Blessings and hugs Lisa!

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you Denise...Glad to share it with you too!

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Denise...I think of you as well, my friend. I am getting stronger every day, thanks for your continued prayers!
Blessings and love and ((hugs))~ Lisa

Sharon said...

This post was like a breath of fresh air, Lisa! I felt like I was on that walk with you. What beauty, and what peace can be found outdoors. I loved playing *peek-a-boo* with the deer! And dear Emma, sigh. I truly believe we will see our beloved pets again. In the meantime, Emma's Dell is such a lovely haven.


izdiher said...

what a lovely post.:)

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sharon...Isn't it amazing how well hidden the deer are? And their coats change with each season...God is so amazing.
God bless~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you, izdiher...Glad you enjoyed it! ~God bless~

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Yes simply beautiful : ) I'm hoping we get to be with our pets again in the mansions Jesus is preparing for us. I love deer. Would you believe New Jersey is over-populated with deer!!? I saw a beautiful pheasant resting on the New Jersey Turnpike... Go figure, right? May God bless you abundantly, He loves it when we enjoy His artwork. Love ya!

Never Forsaken said...

No, I did not know that NJ had a lot of deer!
Did you get a picture of that pheasant?
Sounds beautiful!
Love you too, my friend!

child of God said...

Great picture of the white tail!!! I just love deer.

Blessings hon, keeping you covered. :)

Susie Swanson said...

Awe, this is so beautiful and I love the poem. It's perfect for this time of year. Sounds like you are doing better. I'm still praying for you sweet friend. Blessings, xo

Crown of Beauty said...

What a beautiful poem, just right for April... makes everything seem so beautiful. My heart longs to be back in Virginia where I spent the last four months of 2013, and the first month of 2014. And the deer! Oh, what a lovely creation of God! Emma's Dell fits the place where your furry friend waits for the final resurrection - and then Eternity! And we will never have to say goodbye to our loved ones again. Above all... we will see Jesus face to face forever. Much love to you dear friend.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sweetie,
I love deer too, and get sad when I see so many getting hit on the road...BTW: Jeff just hit one last week...He is OK, but our van is still in the shop.
Thanks for your prayer covering, my dear friend~ with love~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

I am doing very well, more treatment to go!
Thanks for your continued prayers...I am also still praying for you (How are you?).
Blessings and love~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Yes...we will see Jesus and our loved ones (both four legged and two legged)...Only this time, all will be made new and whole!
Blessings and love to you also, Lidia.

Crown of Beauty said...

What a delight to know you had dropped by my blog, Lisa. Thank you for the kind response as well. I had just awakened, and felt that there needed to be a more honest ending to my recent blog post. I wasn't too happy that it kind of ended abruptly, and so I added a portion at the end, entitled "The Oaks of Mamre" - and changed my song for the month. I am sure that it will minister to you, if you find time to read that part I just added. Blessings on the rest of your day, even as mine is just starting, over here. Not quite sunrise yet. Much love...

Sushi said...

Mom said God bless you... Abundantly!

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you Sushi and thank you, Pia!

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