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Friday, April 11, 2014

Echo time

Well, it's been three months, so it is time to have another echocardiogram.
Since the targeted therapy (not chemo) drug Herceptin is considered a cardiotoxin, it could damage my heart so I must have it checked every three months for the duration of a year of therapy with this drug.
Please pray that my heart is as "pretty" as the technologist said it was three months ago....if not, then they will have to stop giving it to me, and the chance of the cancer returning will greatly increase! So it is very important that we continue this therapy, and that my heart stays healthy.
I will end this post here, since I must be on my way...But I will be sure to return with an update ASAP.
As usual, thank you for your continued prayers, and know that I am praying for you all as well, my friends.
~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...



Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Continuing to pray for you. God bless- Lisa :O)

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Hi Lisa! It's hot here today! I can't believe it. I forgot what we do when it's warm outside hahaha. I'm just heading out to go for a walk. Your hair looks so natural and lovely on you. My prayers are with you! Love ya.

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Lisa,
You are looking soooo good! I will continue to pray for you. God is good!!
Love you ~ Chelle

Deanna said...

Yes, Lord, we are asking for a healthy heart. Amen
(Love you)

Denise said...

I know your heart will be very healthy, and of course, extra beautiful.

Peggy said...

Praying your heart will be healthy and as pretty as you are. Please let us know.

child of God said...

Praying and praying for your beautiful heart! :)

Sharon said...

Always prayers for you, Lisa. May your physical heart be as wonderfully *pretty* as you are - inside and out! Hope springs eternal - and Spring is here!


Have a wonderful Resurrection Day!!

Susie Swanson said...

God Bless you my dear friend. I'm still sending prayers for you an dthink of you often. Thank you so much for the sweet words on mine and taking time to visit. I'm going to see the specialist this week and maybe start getting to the bottom of whatever it is that has its grips on me. But I think about you and the things you've went through. God always reminds me there's people going through alot worse. You'll always be in my prayers and I hope this finds you having a better day. Hugs and love, xo

Crown of Beauty said...

keeping you in my prayers, dear Lisa

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