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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Behind the mask… & Chemo: (my friend & foe)

Pacific Yew (Taxus Brevifolia )

After much thought and consideration I have decided to share with you what I wrote recently in my personal journal.
The reason I’m sharing this is because although I really am doing well, I want to be realistic with you…I am well in spite of the very real challenges that I am facing right now…Every one who reads this will be able to relate to how life can challenge us at times, though your challenges may be different than mine are, we serve the same awesome God…who gives us strength to overcome it all!

Tuesday, ‎February ‎25, ‎2014
As a chronic pain sufferer, when you ask me if I have had any pain, I may answer "no", I usually mean no NEW pain, but it can also mean that I do not register pain like someone else may...I have built up a tolerance to it, it is either regarded as a small discomfort felt either too seldom, or not severe enough to be considered pain to me.
But...Lately If you asked me the question, I would have to answer yes, that some days I am in constant pain.
It feels like I am being struck by lightening in various parts of my body...some are faster, more fleeting...while others linger for several seconds longer...this hits constantly all over, so random and without pattern...I do not know where it will hit next but that does not matter because by the time it is felt it is usually felt someplace neurons firing ...lightening striking.
Meanwhile the duller throbbing pain that is my constant continues in the background...a the deep rhythmic pulses of a symphony orchestra's base drum...
And then there is the neuropathy which is its own brand of pain....while the ovaries chime in as they squeeze out their last bit of life...they are dying and I can feel it.
I am either tired but my body will not let me sleep, or I am wide awake and my body wants to sleep...This is night and day for me now...I know not how to bridge the widening gap between them...body and mind.
I am so grateful that I have not suffered from any intestinal maladies as a result of the chemotherapy...aside from a bout with mouth sores last was short-lived.
My taste buds remain intact as well and I am gaining weight.
My hair has fallen out, and my skin is sensitive...especially my fingertips...I cannot tolerate heat or cold.
I am emotional.
My mind remains sharp although there are some dull edges.
I have decided that I will make more of an effort to be an expert on me....Instead of leaving it all up to the experts in the field of oncology...Though I need their guidance and care...I am better able to focus solely on my own case...The greatest obstacle I have in this is to let go of the tendency to not want to complain too much to anyone...I feel a sense of bravado when I am able to tolerate and maintain a state of relative normalcy in the face of this daunting disease...of which I am resistant to accept its inevitable symptoms as a reality at all!
So now begins a journal of that reality...

That sense of bravado that I described, is the mask I hide behind. It feels safer, less vulnerable than putting my true thoughts and feelings out there…But, truth should never be hidden.
For one thing…Someone reading this might find comfort in knowing that when (not if) they face a pain in their life that seems unbearable at the anticipation of it…The reality of it is God really will never give us more than we can bear…and we do not bear it alone…Jesus lends His strength to us…comes up beside us and carries us through.
Another thing…As I experience this pain, I am reminded that the Savior bore all our pain on the cross…and also before as he was beaten and abused…He understands how we feel, and He is willing to give us hope, joy, and peace in the midst of the storm…When I feel the lightening strike…I am held by the Light of the world who comforts me, and calms my body and mind …He is the connection (the bridge) between the two. He is both the Great Physician (of the body) and Wonderful Counselor (of the mind)!

I also want to share with people what (besides prayer) is working to either alleviate some of the symptoms I am experiencing, or to avoid having some other common side effects…
Keep in mind that everyone is different, what works for me may not work for you…there are too many variables.
First of all, I started out pretty healthy. My pre chemo blood work, chest x-rays, and echocardiogram bore witness to the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. All my doctors have shook their heads in disbelief after going over all the tests…I was THAT healthy!
But, nobody’s perfect … (Except JESUS!)
As most of you know, I have suffered from osteoarthritis in my back for several years…with a severe form of degenerative disk disease, resulting in chronic sciatica and sclerosis of the facet joints (misshaped joints in the spine)…I have always had a healthy immune system, and aside from borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol, no other diseases or physical disorders.
I was relatively active, always preferred to eat healthy foods and maintained a good weight until the cancer showed up and I started losing weight.

So, with a pretty decent start…This is what I do to help with my side effects of chemo:

Bone, joint, and muscle pain: (the chemo drugs and the Neulasta shot can all cause this pain as well as the pre-existing arthritis).

I move my body….Something I learned through the arthritis is that no matter how much I hurt…I mustn’t allow myself to stop moving…The result is losing more mobility because of stiff joints and weakened muscles. This also helps with the fatigue from being anemic. (the chemo lowers the red blood cells and platelets causing anemia…This gets worse with each treatment)
This is what I take to relieve pain: Tramadol (Ultram) A narcotic-like prescription drug that acts by changing the way the mind perceives pain. I do not take narcotic drugs…Not because I think they are bad, but because I have a low tolerance for them.

For skin and nails: (the chemo drugs I use can damage them)

I use Johnson's Baby wash and Aveeno Baby Lotion on my skin. I avoid using anything with alcohol or other drying agents in it. I avoid hot showers and gently dab at my skin to dry it instead of rubbing, and I wear gloves to wash dishes and clean. I keep my nails trimmed and soak  them in olive oil and wear latex gloves for an hour afterwards and then polish them with a clear nail hardener to protect them from damage. (per advise from my oncology nurse)
I am meticulous about keeping my hands clean. I always wear gloves when its cold outside, and never go barefoot or wear tight shoes to protect my feet from sores and damage to the toenails. *I wear slippers around the house because Buddy and Sasha sometimes step on my feet and dig me with their claws! I have to be careful of sun exposure, as the skin is sensitive and can burn easily. ( though not a worry yet at this time of year!)

For oral care: (Chemo severely dries out the mouth…and can affect the entire digestive system beginning with mucus membranes by killing off the healthy bacteria that lines our digestive tract)

I had my teeth cleaned before chemo.  I use Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash which is formulated to restore the p h balance  for dry mouth. (I brush several times a day with a child’s soft toothbrush). I floss, being very careful to not cut into the gums, I drink a lot of water and rinse often with a solution of baking soda and water to help with mouth sores which can lead to infections. I eat yogurt with active cultures every single day. I use a lot of chap stick and lip gloss. (careful to keep these clean and replace often as they can harbor bacteria)

For eyes and nose: (Chemo causes changes in vision and also dries out the tear ducts, and you lose the hair inside your nose which helps to filter stuff).

I’m due for a vision test, but will have to postpone it until after treatment as it can (and has) changed my vision. I have to use artificial tears to help with dry eyes. I have a dry stuffy nose, but am told that I may soon develop a chronic runny nose as one possible side effect…I met a woman on this same regimen who is further along in treatment who has this problem. I use a humidifier at night, and have nasal spray which I have not used yet. I carry tissues all the time as my nose sometimes bleeds.

And most important: At the advice of my oncologist as well as other patients…I stay hydrated…Especially the day before, the day of, and the day following chemo…My doc told me to drink sports drinks during those three days to help flush the toxins from my system and reduce side effects. I also eat popsicles before and during chemo…So far I have not suffered from problems with my taste buds, nor do I have a metallic taste in my mouth which is associated with chemo. (but I do not know if keeping my mouth cold during treatment is helping or not…The idea is that just as some people wear a cold cap to keep their scalp cold in order to save the hair follicles from being targeted by the chemo drugs…or keeping hands and feet in ice to protect the nails…Keeping the tongue cold can have some success as well.)

I am also given drugs before, during, and the day after chemo to help eliminate or at least minimize the side effects. These drugs include a steroid (which among other things I am told will help reduce tissue damage especially to the hands and feet…known as hand and foot syndrome), Benadryl (given during chemo)…to help reduce any possible allergic reaction, and Zophran…an anti-nausea drug. (I also get Emend another anti-nausea drug in my IV) Good stuff that works really well.
As far as the neuropathy is concerned, I am told there is nothing that can be done about this…I must notify the doc if it gets too bad, as it is reversible unless it becomes too severe and causes permanent nerve damage. (This too gets worse with each treatment)
Of course I also take quite a few supplements recommended by my doctors…This includes a daily multi-vitamin and a Carnation Breakfast Drink every morning with my breakfast.

And now for the second part of my post...

You know me...I need to know how things work...It's a geek thing!


 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
In him was life; and the life was the light of men. John 1:1-4

Praise the Lord for modern medicine and for the minds that discover these things, the hands that make and administer them…And the hearts that care enough to learn how to use medicine in order to help people…All these are gifts from God who created everything.
Speaking of God’s creation…here are some interesting facts about the chemo drugs that I am taking…In fact one drug has only been around since the early nineties and was found quite randomly:  Link: The discovery of a major cancer fighting agent

Chemo: (My Friend & Foe)

The story of  Taxotere

 The Yew :
(Taxus Brevifolia )

Also known as: Chinwood, common yew, Pacific yew, taxus.
Potential uses: The drug Taxol (chemical name: paclitaxel) is made from the bark of Pacific yew trees. The drug Taxotere (chemical name: docetaxel) is made from the needles of European yew trees. Taxol and Taxotere are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat breast and other cancers. Yew should not be taken as a supplement.

Link: The Pacific Yew  

Basically, the needles from this tree are used to make turpentine...which is what my doctor says is being pumped into my body in order to kill any unseen cancer cells that may be forming inside me. Turpentine has been widely used for medicinal purposes for centuries....One of the most common side effects of it is skin irritation. This is why I need to take the steroids when I get chemo.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Turpentine (also called spirit of turpentine, oil of turpentine, and wood turpentine) is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from live trees, mainly pines. It is mainly used as a solvent and as a source of materials for organic synthesis.

 Carboplatin is a platinum chemotherapy drug that acts like an alkylating agent. It stops the growth of cancer cells, causing the cells to die.

Platinum is a precious metal.

So there you have it, I am full of turpentine and platinum!

I told my doctor that I do love pine trees, but the thought of turpentine coursing through my body?
I also told him that I could think of better things to do with platinum!
Saving my life, I guess is the best use for it right now.

To be honest, it does help me to know that the chemo drugs that I am on do come straight from nature...(Even though nowadays Taxotere is a synthetic material created in a lab) God does provide... first the substances needed, and then the knowledge of how to harvest (synthesize) and administer them.

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...



Delisa said...

Hi Lisa, I was very encouraged by today's post and it was so kind of you to share your personal journal entry. Although my journey with pain is a different one for me because I have never experienced cancer, I do know that sharing and being honest about how I feel really helps. I too tend to put on a mask of bravado, especially if I am around old friends who haven't seen me in the condition that I am in now. I have not only hurt myself emotionally but physically as well, trying to push myself too hard and pretend that I am doing better than I truly feel.

But the important thing I have learned over the years is that the chronic pain does make me a weak or damaged person, I'm not spiritually weak or less in my heavenly Father's eyes because I can't always keep on a happy face.

We are enduring something very difficult and the reality is that no one, no matter how strong their faith, can live day to day with constant pain and maintain a completely serene and peaceful disposition. Even Jesus wept at times and cried out when in pain, Job drew the wrong conclusions about his illness and in his despair and grief, felt that God was bringing it upon him. David fell into a deep depression when he was confined to a "divan of illness". There was also the woman who had a constant flow of blood, who disobeyed the Mosaic law by coming into the crowd and touching Jesus garment. Yet he never chastised her because he knew her suffering was making her feel desperate.

How wonderful it is to know that the examples God gives us in the Bible are of "real" people with real emotions. He sees those of us who are hurting; with eyes of true love and compassion. Thank you for your beautiful post today Lisa, I know it must have taken a lot of effort and I know that it will touch many hearts as it did mine. With Love, Delisa

Jedidja said...

My nephew (6) has eaten a lot of water ices during chemotherapy. Maybe an idea? You are so precious. He knew your path and He prays for you in heaven. Even if you're too tired to find the words He continues to pray for you. See upon Him! I love psalm 121. Read it.
xxx Your Dutch friend. ( may I have your adress? So I can sent you a letter or card).

child of God said...

Hi Lisa,
I sure did learn a lot from reading this post. Thanks!! Turpentine and platinum, who knew!

I find it fascinating just how similar we are. I have a super high pain tolerance not because it is not painful but because I ignore it. Even with the RA in active flare I kept my 10 K run every day and trained in Taekwondo until I just could not hold the paddles anymore and I felt guilty for having others hold them for me all the time without returning the favour.

You are a trooper and I love how you listen to and know your body so well and I value your honesty. Praying for you that as you continue with these treatments and the symptoms increase that Father will come in and carry you and give you peace so that you can make it through growing closer to Him and falling deeper in love with Him.

Have you considered adding coconut oil into your diet? It is such a super food and I wonder if you would notice some relief from some of the chemo symptoms. Just a thought.

Praying for you dear one.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Lisa~ I can sure relate to a lot of what you shared in todays post. First I want to say don't feel like you have to hold back sharing about your bad days and such- it just means you are human. As I typed that I know that I need to listen to my own advice because I am a lot like you in not wanting to complain too much.
I sure understand when you were explaining the pain- the shooting pain that hits here and there - randomly and without reason. That is pretty tough. I was looking at a pain chart and realized that I was really giving the wrong kind of numbers for my pain level.
Also I wanted to let you know that I found an extra soft Colgate 360 toothbrush. I had thought I would have to use a baby toothbrush - but was happy to find this one.
Continuing to pray for you- really enjoyed this post! God bless~ Lisa :O)

Denise said...

A lot of good stuff here sister! Thanks for sharing; loved learning about the effects of turpentine and platinum. You are doing such a remarkable job staying encouraged and encouraging (sharing with) others. Blessings as you acknowledge, accept, and continueto battle this out you friend!

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Lisa ~ I am so glad you shared your journal with us. It is good for everyone to have an idea of what you are going through. It's good that God gave us the ability to build up a pain and/or sickness tolerance. He knew that at some point many would go through things that would be most difficult. Sitting here thinking about it, I believe that as His children He is the one that really is that "tolerance". I think of the verse, I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13 Without the Lord and His strength how could we keep going?

You are a wonderful example to me Lisa. You have shown me much courage and I am always encouraged after hearing what you have to say. Keep pushing forward through this as you fight this battle. Always remember that the Lord is with you through everyday and everything. He is great and His name is full of power. The verse I am thinking of is actually Jeremiah 10:6. He is walking through this with you, right beside you, and even carrying you when that's what you need. I am reminded of that song, The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and they are saved.

I love you my friend and I will be praying for you. Chelle

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Delisa,
I never thought of the way we might hurt ourselves by pushing our limits in order to make someone else feel at ease around us...I have done this, and as a result it makes things not only more difficult for me, but for my husband as well who must witness the effects after the friends are long gone.
God did give us many examples of real flesh and blood people who were able to endure hardships because of their faith and His favor and grace...He is still using real flesh and blood people today to encourage and strengthen the faith of others...His promise is: For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jer.29:11.
Thank you for your love and good advice, my friend~ Love you, Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

HI Jedidja,
It is sad that your nephew is going through chemo...But God is in control and has a plan for each life.
Yes, Psalm 121 reminds me to look beyond the horizon of where I am see Him there always ready to send help for whatever I am facing! So much comfort in the Psalms!
You can send me an email and I will give you my address...would love to!
Thanks for your love and friendship from the Netherlands, LOL! :)

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sweetie,
We are quite alike...Always thought so.
I will look into coconut oil...The nurse who gives me my neulasta shot said she has used flaxseed to alleviate her arthritis so that she could continue running...another thing to look into.
My oncologist told me to eat whatever I wanted, and not worry about first I listened because we were all worried that I might lose more weight...But now he warned me to watch gaining too much weight, so now that I know how my body will respond to treatment, I am going to nourish it the way that God wants us to...with healthy things! I never really considered the fact that at the onset of cancer the metabolism changes when your body is fighting the disease and as a result a person usually loses weight, and even appetite...Now that I am gaining and the appetite is better than ever is a good sign that all is well again!
Thank you for your continued prayer, your love and friendship too!
You know you have the same from me :)

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Lisa,
I know since we are on the same type of regimen that you know exactly the pain that I am talking about!
I too have looked at that chart and realized just how hard it is when at that moment you are not feeling the pain, how it is to describe it in terms of a number...Any pain that wakes you from a deep sleep and keeps you awake for hours is significant...But sitting in the examining room recalling it is hard to do.
I find myself trying to describe what is going on to my husband, and then stop myself because I think: "Stop whining so much" ...But if I don't try to describe it then I know I will just teach myself to forget it every time I experience it and then the doctor will not get a good idea of how I am really doing.
I will look for that toothbrush...and feel free to email me and share your own struggle... Soon the chemo will be done for us both, and then the next door will open into another new room...each one brings us forward.
Praying for you too, my friend!

Brenda said...

Hi Lisa,
I felt very sorry to hear of all the pain you have been suffering, and all that you have to do to treat it. I am not into a lot of medicines so I have never heard of much of what you was saying here. However, my husband takes tramadol tablets sometimes for his pain and I believe they are opium based, but they do not take all of his pain away. Anyway, I am glad that you are coming through this in a very honest way regarding how you feel, and I continue to pray that you will soon be rid of all your pain and discomfort.
God bless you.

Sandi said...

Six?? God bless you. How is he doing?

Thank you for sharing your journey here. It so reassuring to me that the cure can be found in nature. Yes, I said cure! God put it there for a reason. It is his intention to heal.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Denise,
I found the information about these medicines very interesting...I think it is good to know where this stuff comes from. It is amazing how God has placed remedies, even for cancer inside of plants! Of course Jesus makes it all possible...from the creation of the plant, to man's discovery of them.
I am encouraged by the good Christian friends that pray for me...I love you too, my dear friend!

Never Forsaken said...

You are so right, Chelle we could never keep going in our own strength...even with our own understanding...we do not have all the pieces of the puzzle, it's only our trust in the Lord that we know which direction to go....Whenever I think about fighting this battle, I am reminded of Psalm 91 where it is clear that it is God who battles while he hides me in safety.
I love you too, and I have never stopped praying for you too!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Brenda,
Before this, I never even used Tylenol! Or anything except maybe an antacid once in awhile...Now medicines are necessary.
Many people cannot tolerate tramadol, but it does at least take the edge off. I use it sparingly, as I do not like how it dries up my mouth...especially since chemo does that already.
I am feeling very fortunate that the side effects are not worse...I know that starting off healthy and being mindful about taking care of myself does help a lot. Soon this part will be over with, and I will be able to glorify the Lord even more for bringing me through something like this.
~God bless you too, my friend~ ((hugs))

Susie Swanson said...

I can't relate with what you have because I've never experienced it in my own body but I have with my mom and two sister in laws. I'm so very sorry for what you're going through an dpray everyday that God will give you healing and plenty of comfort. You are a great inspiration to us all and a very strong woman. God Bless you my friend. Hugs and Love.

Deanna said...

Hi Lisa!
I feel a little special, maybe can even speak for a lot of us, to read a bit from your personal journal.
I hope so many who may be iin the midst of cancer may find peace here while connecting to another who "knows".
Although I am not one of those peoples I have gained much insight from all you have shared. Your wealth of knowledge about the Scriptures and the workings of Christ, the Holy Spirit, God the Father are all not just knowledge to you- I can see it, or rather read it, that it is your source of life. Jesus is more than your very present needs, He is your life. I admire that, and I like how you explain yourself.

I took something home from church this morning, something I believe with all of my heart... something I feel is truely speaking between your lines.
"We are not promised happiness, happiness is always the results of circumstances in our life. But we are promised joy. And joy is eneternal starting now."

It was for the joy set before Jesus that He endured the cross. His eternal vision is accompanied by joy.... obedience to the Father, the salvation of sinful man. Humbling to think... we are a part of joy set before Him.

It's late. Good night.
With love, deanna

Deanna said...

*eternal (not eneternal) ....these silly touch screens have a mind of there own:)

Never Forsaken said...

Dear Susie, I pray you and all my sweet friends here will never be able to relate...though just being in human bodies on this earth means we all endure pain of some sort...When I think of all Jesus did so that we can have eternal life without pain or sorrow...makes me feel like this is nothing compared to that, and to the glory to come for all of us!
((hugs & <3))

Never Forsaken said...

My sweet friend,
You and all the others who come on here to encourage me are my inspirations!
The way that you are taking care of your foster boys and loving on their Mama too, shows such a depth of character and a true Christ-like heart! You are the brave overcame your fears and so much more to make this difference in the lives of three people who needed someone to help them! I cannot compare to that...I was not given the choice to fight this is sink or swim, you did not have to do what you was a noble thing and a selfless choice!
Love you too, my friend :)

Denise said...

You are such an encouraging, brave warrior my friend. Love you so much. Praying for you.

Deanna said...

You are dear. And, I'm back here just to say thank you for the comment you left me at my blog. I am so thankful for it. ...I really understand not attend church right now, my husband and I are in the same boat. Never forsaking Christ though and my closeness to Jesus remains in spirit and truth with reading of the scripture and prayer, and the fellowship with people who love Jesus, like you. ((Higs))

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you so much Denise, you remain one of the most positive people that I know and I am always praying for you too! Love you.

Dee said...

You are on a hard journey...not one any of us want to be on but could be at any time. I appreciate you sharing how you feel....I am sure it is healing for you and may be just what someone else in your position needs to know....You are strong....God is with you. Hugs.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Hi Lisa it's good to see you out and glad you are sharing your story. It sure helps me understand a lot more about cancer. Still praying and hoping for a great recovery. Love you!

Here's another of my favorite verses:
Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.
Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:3-4

Never Forsaken said...

You are right, Dee, I pray none of you will have to endure this...But, if anyone does, I want them to know that Jesus gives abundant strength and grace to journey forward.
I know that your friend had a scare just before my diagnosis...It is unfortunately a very common cancer and they really do not know exactly what is causing it...And in very young women too...I am stunned to see women in their twenties and early thirties with this! At least I am not going through it while raising small children or working...many women are. I have all the time in the world to rest and take care of myself...and am blessed with a wonderful husband who takes great care of me too!
((Hugs & Love))

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Karen,
Before this I really did not know much about cancer either...I guess you could call this a crash course!
That is a good verse...I like the idea of finding delight in the Lord...Delight is such a good and fitting word!
Blessings & Love, Dear friend

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Glad you liked the verse I was just listening to Mandissa on Youtube it's the Overcomer song. Makes me want to go out and do something, not sure what but something : ) God bless you! Yeah I agree delight isn't always easy but it's like a feather tickling your chin. He's got to have a sense of humor just look at kangaroos!!?

Alexandra Rose said...

Just popped over to check how things were with you, I must have missed this last post on my blog feed so it was a surprise!
It was so very generous of you to put the effort into sharing your knowledge and experience for others, all done with love and care just ' in case' anyone needs it. You really have stayed so open all through this, Lisa ~ even more so now. I'm sorry you have to cope with the pain, and your poor hubby too on your behalf, however you have turned it into something useful and enlightening for us ~ that's very creative!
It is difficult with pain, whether to talk about it, especially if it goes on a lot the same and there's nothing new to say. My husband sometimes gets exasperated that I instinctively hide my migraine troubles which are very severe and chronic, I take my abortive meds and continue but no~ one knows: I just seem 'damped down'. Perhaps it is better to be more up front and explain it! Depends upon the situation, I suppose.
Anyhow, please be assured that your friends know your sweet attitude and clear eyed approach to the experience you're going through is a result of character,faith, and determined strength ~ we know it is not easy, despite your lovely cheery self.

Sharon said...

You continue to be an inspiration. Your *up* times are inspiring, but so is your commitment to *keep it real* and share the times that you struggle with. That, to me, is the essence of true faith - when it is tested, and it still stands.

I loved the info you shared - seems to me that much of it can be applied to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for sharing all that.

Love you - and GOD BLESS!

Peggy said...

Lisa, thank you for sharing your journal with us. I'm so sorry about the pain you are feeling. pain that is above your normal chronic pain. I know a little about that. You are such an inspiration, so brave and so lovely. God's love shines out of you, whether you are writing about how your body feels or about the meds you are taking or about the faithfulness of. God. Praying for you, sweet friend..

Delisa said...

Hi Lisa! I was just thinking about you this afternoon and thought I would pop over and say hello. I hope you are having a nice Saturday. We finally have some sunshine and it feels heavenly after several days of steady rain. Your blog is so honest and encouraging and I just wanted you to know it has touched my heart very deeply. Have a lovely day ahead! With Love, Delisa ;)

Crown of Beauty said...

I am so blessed by this post, and do appreciate that you have decided to take off your mask and tell us how you are as you really are. Yes, there are times when we need to call a thing a thing, and not have to feel we have to put up a brave front all the time. Sooner or later we will have to face reality. Dear friend, Jesus is your strength, and God is with you as your strength, comfort and provider of everything you need. I have friends who survived cancer, and part of their daily regimen was kefir (probiotics), essential oils, and plenty of physical regulated exercise. I am sure you have of good advice from your doctors. Please know that I have lifted you up to the Lord and trusting that the cancer cells are being defeated, and that you will soon be off your chemo. Much love

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