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Monday, January 28, 2013

Where I live

Here I sit in the middle of the 'Mitt'
watching the snow turn to rain
One thing I know
is the rain will be snow
and the snow will be rain again!

What's that you say?
wait just a day...
if we find ourselves really 'in it'
But, change will come
in the state with a thumb
if you wait but only a minute!

by: Lisa Stager

I have lived here all of my life. I was born in the
thumb, I’ve lived in the ‘palm’ for nearly twenty years…
and I love the ‘pinkie’ the most!
I love the dense forests where we live now, but I really miss being on the shoreline of
one of the Great Lakes!


Did you know that in 2011 Sleeping Bear Dunes
 (in the pinkie) was named “The most beautiful place in America” by ABC news!
I did a post about our visit to this amazing place here:
If you plan on visiting the place, you will need a good windbreaker, or at least a jacket with a hood…and if you don’t wear glasses already…sunglasses are advised, since there is a lot of wind and sand and it can really sting!
 (hence the title of my post)

Sailboat in a Port Huron harbor

jeffs pictures_047
Me and Sasha on a dock in St. Ignace

Me and Sasha in Ludington
(1 &1/2 hours west of us on Lake Michigan)

7-24-2009_113 - Copy - Copy
Me and Sasha on the shore of Traverse Bay
(Best place to watch a sunset)
summer 2009 (83)7-24-2009_015

 I took a hike along this shoreline at E. Tawas (Lake Huron) before attending a seminar for work 4 yrs. ago. I barely had time to change my clothes and drive to the seminar, but I made it on time!

We went back for a second look just this past spring!

~And then this past fall we spent a glorious afternoon here:

Lake Michigan at Point Betsie Lighthouse
Where I was inspired to write this poem:
045 (2)
Point Betsie is said to be one of America's most photographed lighthouses.

~And last, but certainly not least…~MY FAVORITE~
summer 2009 (76)
White Fish Pointe (Lake superior)

A little closer to home


Me at a state park Sunday… Just chillin’
 (quite literally)

086 (2)
Nearby town  (walking trail)

jeffs pictures_038
Sasha following a trail on state land near home.
(Notice the crooked tree?)

Keeping the home fires Burning

Camping in the back yard!
2010_090007 - Copy - Copy  …My artwork 
(we sold this camper)

Another favorite location where you may often see me and my husband…regardless the season is in
   Hartwick Pines State Forest:  

Tree Hugger
Which way?
010 (2)
Wilderness chapel
~A vanishing wilderness~

I used to hike in the state forest adjacent to our subdivision nearly every day before work for several years rain or shine sleet or hail (not exaggerating)…But for the last year or so, the state decided to sell off much of it’s standing timber throughout the 500 acres or so as well as other areas. The recession has forced many land owners to do the same. Also, because of a lack of DNR patrol officers,(recession) there has been a lot of illegal hunting/shooting back there. (yep, you guessed it, the recession again)
 Therefore, we have been forced to hike in other, better regulated and groomed trails in nearby towns and counties…This is a heartache to me…as I really miss letting Sasha and Buddy off leash to explore.
That's okay,  I am happy living in the middle of the Mitten not too far from everything!


But more often than not, you will find me and the dogs walking around the white cedar swamp looking for wintergreen, or animal tracks along the edge of our yard.

...Unless I am busy at the computer writing, of course!

No matter where you are...You also live in the middle of a hand... if you are a child of the Living God...

And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. John 10:28


Child of God said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful place. I am not too familiar with Michigan but I do know Ontario and the opposite end of Lake Superior, stunning is the word that I think of when I picture your place. Truly stunning.

Blessings hon,

Denise said...

Beautiful Lisa; growing up and working in different cities where my job has taken me offers many advantages, but how I enjoy vacation time spent in the open beauty of the outdoors! I look forward to retirement so that I can spend more time in places like you have shared! One day soon I hope to visit your beautiful place!

BTW...I can identify with "the rain will be snow
and the snow will be rain again!" I don't think we will see the end of it here in Idaho! Ha!

Blessings and love my good friend!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Child of God,

I have seen your pictures too, and would love to escape into the mountains for a season! We have some of the same wildlife as you, but not quite as close to home! Well, we have not actually seen the bear that visits occassionally yet, though neighbors have; but the bobcats and fox, etc.. do show themselves from time to time! (exciting)

Hi Denise,
Sounds like an interesting job!
There is so much to see when you have the chance to...God is not to be outdone when it comes to the landscapes he has created.
I can't believe how quickly man can destroy it all!
I understand the importance of cutting down old growth etc.. as that is good stewardship of the forests, but they sweeten the pot by bidding out to logging companies for a harvest of healthy trees as well in order to make it better worth their time.
Hopefully, if you ever come this way, my pictures will not be all that is left of the great beauty in our little corner of the woods, lol!
I will send you some rain which is falling in torrents right now...the snow is slushy, and the trees look like they are weeping.

~Blessings and love to you also~ Lisa

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