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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Man vs. Bird

I saw this story on the news this evening. I usually don't post about news articles and such, but this one I couldn't resist. Here's an excerpt:

WESTLAKE, Ohio (CNN/WJW) -- An Ohio man faces a challenge when he goes out in his yard; attack hawks perched in a nest in his front yard.

The Varvirs had planned to have the tree removed before the birds arrived, but hawks are federally protected so they will have to wait for the eggs to hatch and the birds to leave before they can take any action."

Richard Varvir says, "We'll I'm cutting the grass over there on the riding mover and boom, it hit me."

The "it" Varvir of Westlake is talking about is a hawk. His wife Fran says, "We had a problem with it swooping down on him once before but this particular day it landed square on his head with it's talons, right through his stocking cap." Richard says, "When it hit me I put my hand on my head and I was bleeding,"

All hawks and all raptors are federally protected so it is illegal to disturb their nests or harm the birds in any way.

Whoa, Hold the bus for a moment here! First of all let me say that I love animals, but just where do we draw the line when it comes to risking an elderly couple's lives or well being in favor of protecting eggs, or a bird or any other creature for that matter?..since when has man become the lesser of creatures on this earth? If you watch the full story here :,
 you can see how the bird actually stuck it's talons into the old man's head...Now he has to wear a helmet to go outside.

This story is not funny, I watched a little girl get knocked from her bike by a barn swallow (which is much smaller than a hawk) and break her arm! This poor couple are fearful to leave their house! I have seen nature shows where the conservation officers relocated animals all the time...But what do I know, I'm just a stupid human being.

Last weekend our neighbor came over to alert us that there is an eagle،
 (that's right, a bald eagle) that has been spending a lot of time in the back yard nearby where we let our tiny 16 year old teacup chihuahua Emma out along with our big dogs. So I suppose if Sasha or Buddy were to defend Emma against the bird and harm it we would be in trouble? We would be committing a federal crime. Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
My husband once saw an eagle snatch up a rabbit right in front of him, it struck like lightning, so needless to say there wouldn't be much chance to fight back anyway.


I understand the importance of protecting the symbol of our country for goodness sakes, but what about the importance of protecting people who are made in the image of God? You know, the One who created all creatures.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27


Child of God said...

Hi Lisa,
What a wild story! The times we are living in are not great; end times. Although I think this story is funny, it isn't to those who have to live with this.

These big birds are beautiful but they are still wild and need to eat and will protect their young at all costs. I have heard of bald eagles taking down new born calves. You best keep your eye on Emma, she is tinier than my two cats that were taken off of my roof from a bird. I don't know what kind of bird but I am thinking a big horned owl.

Thanks for sharing,

Jane said...

Those birds can be dangerous. We were looking out the kitchen window when we saw a hawk swoop down and carry a squirrel away. Poor squirrel didn't even see it coming. And a contractor told me that he was doing a roofing job near and eagle's nest and they found several dog collars in it.

I have a theory that those in upper government are not really Christians but are some earth worshiping type people. (I know that sounds nutty ) That is why they put animals rights ahead of people's rights. Look at what they did to those southern California farmers that cannot irrigate their land because of some little minnow or something. It's just crazy. And we all know what Cass Sunstein, Obama's information czar wrote about animals having the right to sue people.

Never Forsaken said...

Yes Emma is smaller than a cat and even some squirrels I've seen.We are watching her like a hawk 9pun intended).
Most birds will protects their nest and i've even seen small birds go after the raptors who come to close to their's.
Those horned owls are huge, A cop once told me that they can sometimes cause more damage to cars than a deer.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Jane,
Your theory is not nutty. I have read that they are just that. I had forgotten about the farmers in california.
I wonder...can the animals sue each other then? (LOL)!..Can you imagine? And these are the people entrusted to help run our country :0

Denise said...

I love animals too, but quite honestly some of them scare me to death! And I don't believe we (or our loved ones) should have to walk in fear of harm in our own environment. Leave it to the animal rights people in our government...I agree with what Jane said (didn't sound nutty at all!) :)

Take care of your Emma! :)

Blessings and love,

PJ said...

I am so totally in agreement! We have all of these "protection laws" for certain animals, we can't hunt this one or we can cut down this kind of tree, and and on and on, yet the "Powers that be" sit back and take prayer and God out of our schools, they "use" God for their own purpose (swearing in at court), yet won't let the Ten Commandments be publicly displayed in or around a court house. They are doing their best to turn this country into a country without God. They better wake up and realize who is TRULY in control, before it's too late. Before long if we aren't careful, they (the powers) will even try to take our right to read the Bible away from us.

Your Emma is precious. I would be worried that the eagle would get a hold of her. I shall pray for her safety. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I know that subject is sometimes a harsh one to swallow, but that is the problem with today's society. So many preachers are constantly preaching about "the love and mercy" of God, but are "afraid" to teach about His judgment, for fear of turn people away. People need to know that While He is a loving and merciful God, He is also going to "weed out the tares" in the end, so we need to be careful that we don't let the "tares" or people of bad influence get hold of us. I never have understood this, but it seems that people are more inclined to pick up the bad habits of others than the good, so we must remember that we are to strive to be examples of Christ to others and not let the bad habits or evil ways of them rub off on us. We must try and let our GOOD habits transfer to other people.

People also need to realize that there are consequences to ALL actions, good and bad. If we do good, then good things will happen. If we do bad, then bad things happen. My favorite saying of all times is "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND", and there is not a more truer statement. Well, I better bring this book to a close before you get tired of reading, (if you haven't already). LOL! Again, thanks for your comment, and God Bless!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi PJ,
I didn't mind reading your book. (LOL)
When I witness the things that are happening in our country & elsewhere, it only re-affirms my faith in the things the Lord warned about would come to pass. The prophetic wisdom written about within the Bible is unfolding before our eyes and it is both an awesome and fearsome thing to witness...common sense is quickly becoming a thing of the past it would seem. Remember how scripture says they will call good evil, and evil good.
When my girls were young there was a mother of a troubled teen-aged girl at church who asked if my daughter who was the same age would spend some time with her daughter to help straighten her out, well an older 'wiser' woman who had raised five kids warned me not to agree to it; she said there was more chance of the bad behavior influencing my daughter, well a couple years later exactly that happened and we had a very hard time of it, even though we had raised her in the church, all it took was exposure to the wrong kind of influence to turn my daughter against her entire family for a while. So I know you are right about it.
Thanks for stopping by.
~God Bless~

Never Forsaken said...

The thing that gets me is this man was not trying to mess with the birds or the nest, he was just mowing the lawn in his own yard. Yes, I agree people should never ever mess with animals out in the wild as that is their domain, but the Bible teaches us to be good stewards, and that we are placed here as care takers, therefore a good care taker (conservation officer) should remove the birds from the yard and place them someplace more appropriate.
We have had more than our share of scares; in fact we gave up wilderness hiking about a year ago and opted for using the groomed trails of nearby towns because of some close encounters.

Emma has managed to make it for 16 years so far. She is very loved and watched over by her big brother Buddy and sister Sasha, and Mom & Dad too!

~Love & Blessings~

Delisa said...

Hi Lisa! Thank for stopping by my new blog and for leaving such a sweet and encouraging comment. It is very nice to meet you. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I live in the country too and see huge hawks fly over every day. They circle and circle the woods and swoop down into the fields. I too have osteo arthritis in my spine and I am so sorry to hear that you have been bedridden the last few days. I know what you mean, there are days when I am up and about and going about my life and then other days when there is little physically that I can accomplish. It makes me very happy that you enjoyed the blog. I hope that you have some relief as the day progresses and have a restful afternoon ahead! Delisa :)

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