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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Black and Blue ( berries, bears and... husband?)

Last week I wrote about how I had lost most of my photo files...well Praise the Lord I found the backup disk! (it was in the wrong case). So I am looking forward to once again sharing some photos with everyone.
This morning I was reminded of a funny story about the time when my girls were little and we used to pick blackberries. We used to pick a bunch of blackberries, raspberries, & blueberries which grew in a nearby meadow and then bring them home and wash them to make preserves. well, this one time we had simply picked way too many, and had to refridgerate some berries. My daughter learned all about the fermenting process when we forgot about one of the containers that had slid to the back of the fridge. She found it a couple weeks later and took one sniff after opening the lid and said it smells funny! Well, my father in law just happened to be over at the time, and when she handed him the container, he took a sniff, looked at me and asked if I was making moonshine! Of course my little girl did not know what that meant thank goodness...Thank the lord we now have a lot of berries in the yard; since the last time I was about to walk through that meadow (alone), my dog stopped at the trailhead, sniffed the air and then proceeded to literally drag me full force away from the meadow. (something she has never done before) She did not slow her pace until we were safely back onto the road half way home! The blueberries were in full at the time so I suspect she smelled a blackbear since the only animal she has ever shown fear around is blackbears ~ She once refused to leave the truck at a campsite for the entire weekend after seeing a blackbear~


Well, it's been raining and storming most of the day today. My husband has been off work because he had surgery on his arm five weeks ago, today was his first day back to work.
Here is the note I left him on our message board this morning:

His reply reads: We will match because I'll probably be black & blue!

~God Bless~


Steve Finnell said...

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covnitkepr1 said...

I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

Jane said...

That's funny! Reminds me of the time I made some refrigerator bread dough, then kept putting off using it. It smelled kind of like beer when I took it out, but thought whatever alcohol was in it would bake out. It didn't and the beer taste was overpowering. It actually made our eyes water! I'm always afraid when I go into the woods of encountering a bear. My husband whose a country kid has had a few run right in front of him. We always laugh that the "do not move when you come across a bear" advice is propaganda put out by the bears to make you easier to catch. Your pup is cute and he does look a bit like a little black bear.

Child of God said...

Lol! Sweet.

Yes your dog does look like a bear. :) Beautiful.

My computer's hard drive crashed on me and I lost ALL of my photos. :( All the beautiful pics of the black bear and pictures of the deer I raised. I was so sad...but will learn my lesson. Right now I am on the scout out for a decent exterior hard drive so I can store all of my pictures that I am now taking. It is a hard lesson.

I am glad you found your pictures.

Blessings girl,

Never Forsaken said...

Sounds yummy (LOL) I just read a blog post last week where the lady found some old yeast (several years old) and baked a very hard loaf but still ate it...she prides herself in being thrifty, but I think she may have gone too far this time. Everyone in my family has seen either a bear or wolf except me...My husband & I did see a panther on our way to Houghton Lake last summer though..the DNR just recently confirmed they are in the area....Oh, & Animal Planet has recently done a bigfoot investigation just 15 miles to the southeast of us! But that's another post for the future perhaps?

Never Forsaken said...

I am so sorry to hear that! I wish i would have invested in an ext.HD last time I had to have my computer serviced while I was still working and had the extra money for it...It is a good investment to make. At least you have the pics you posted on your blog though.
My dog has become so lazy lately that i had to prop her up for that picture this morning!
~God Bless~

~God Bless~

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