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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Complete System Re-Boot

Starting over. Have you ever had to start something from scratch?  Let me share a little bit about my techno-drama. (yep, I just invented a new word) Last January/february I was forced to reboot my entire computer system from scratch. After investing in a couple different anti-virus programs and lotsa trial and error (mostly error), things still weren't working properly. By the way, I am a cheap-skate thrifty person, and the thought of spending *Gasp* money on a new computer gave me night sweats...(although that might have just been the perimenopause), anyways...After trying everything I knew to do including about a hundred different updates (data eaters).
So I finally decided to get a new laptop...We bought one for our daughter a few years ago, but I have never owned one for myself. What made me finally decide to shell out the bucks?...Well, I am sitting out here in a public parking lot posting to this and I don't have to pay for the data I'm using!  This free wi-fi stuff is a cheapskate's paradise...the stuff dreams are made of LOL!...Don't worry, I would never resort to sitting in anyone's driveway on the off chance they have an open broadcast or anything...That is stealing. But I might be found in a public parking lot a lot from now on...This should help draw me out of my agoraphobic tendency to hide away at home. Good therapy perhaps?
So, I have been forced to start over. since a major virus corrupted all of my document files on the desk top PC, and a human error caused me to lose most of my photos and other images...I am needing to depend quite heavily on snatching copy- write- free images from the internet; a good site for this is: 

So I am wondering, who agrees with me that it sure would be nice to have a boot disc to restart our lives from scratch once we have become so corrupted by our sins and unhealthy, unholy living? Is there a program out there that can erase all that corruption from our hard heart drives? Good news...There is!

                        *The perfect program*

Easy installation instructions:

1. Heavenly Father, I confess that I am a sinner. I   am sorry and I want to be forgiven for my sins.

2. I believe Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sins.

3. I believe Jesus rose from death on the third day proving that He is truly your Son!

5. I'm asking for Jesus to live within my heart so that the Holy spirit can work through me, teaching me of you and giving me power to become more like Jesus.
* If you need further 'tech' support, please read the manual that came with this program..(.The Holy Bible) and please feel free to contact this blog author or any other confessing Christian you may trust*

If you are already a christian let me ask you this: has your walk with the lord gotten a little slow and laggy lately?..Do you find more and more distractions popping up diverting your attention away from your prayer and or Bible study time?  Does it take you forever to open the Bible, and once opened does it quickly close again? Trust me, it's not God who's shutting you down. Maybe you have downloaded something that you shouldn't have, maybe it was hiding within another program that you thought was OK to download.  Feeling a little scatter brained? Maybe you just need to run a scan to defrag all those scattered thoughts that have accumulated inside your brain. 
 The Holy Spirit is the best program we have for detecting malicious threats from the enemy, as well as helping us to interpret the Word of God. We are given power through the Holy Spirit to use our God given gifts to accomplish the Lord's will for our lives. We have a network of fellow believers in whom we all fitted together, are the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth.  Jesus is our source code, our redeemer and in every aspect He is our life! 
Most computer programs require an update from time to time...Our relationship with the Lord also requires an update...God is not the one however who needs that update, as He is the same yesterday, today and forever (the Alpha and the Omega), It is we who need to renew our minds daily.



Reformed rebel said...

Hi, it's great to see you back up and running!! Glad you got your self a new laptop cuz I've been missing your posts. This one is really good and sadly resonates with me lately. Working on the reboot!

God bless you Lisa...Chelle

Never Forsaken said...

It's great to be back Chelle. I was wondering how you've been, something told me you might be struggling. (I prayed for you just yesterday). e-mail if you need more prayer ok.

Jane said...

Hi Lisa! Yes, I need a spiritual reboot from time to time too. Especially this time of year, for some reason. I lose my focus. Thank you for the reminder!

Denise said...

Beautifully written Lisa! I often need a reboot, and when I quit relying on my own independence and fall before Him, He restores me and charges me back up! So good to read your words again; I am always blessed here. :)

Blessings and hugs sister!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Jane,
I don't know what it is about the spring time either! It may be where we both live...the dark cold days of winter seem to make me withdraw into my head and become more interpective, that is when I seem to draw closer to the Lord. This time of year I am getting ready for the population to double as I live in a resort type of town where it is mostly summer focus tends to want to shift more towards my home, (getting garden and yard ready and deep cleaning the house which is not an easy task with two big dogs and an elderly chihuahua underfoot!) maybe that is why? don't know. easy to lose focus when everything is coming back to life in this little town and neighborhood.
~God Bless~

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you Denise..I think it's important to stand back (or fall before the Lord) and realize that we just can't do it on our own, we need his help daily. If we ever start to think that we don't..we are in trouble!
~God Bless~

CAROLDEE said...

LOVE this post.. I do agree that free wifi is indeed FREE and it is NOT STEALING. I get a signal from a neigbor's home but they okay'd me using that too is NOT stealing. Laptops are the most awesome thing.. I have two and would be lost without them. I reboot myself all the time and depend on the LORD for all my help. I have some decisions to make soon and I know he will lead me the right way. My page has my philosophy is that GOD is in control at all times we just dont know it. He doesn't make ANY mistakes so we should never question his choice for our lives. PERIOD..
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. ^j^

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Caroldee,
I do agree with your philosophy!..sometimes I need reminded that I am not the one in control...
I wish I had a neighbor like that...I am sitting in the parking lot of our local video place 7 miles from my home writing this. But i live in the 'sticks' and have limited data allowance, which I have used up this month and am too cheap to pay overage costs.

I welcome you to my blog. I will visit yours wednesday when I get more data loaded (LOL). I will pray for your guidance from the Lord on making those decisions with clarity and courage! ~In Jesus Name~
God Bless,

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