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Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer fun with family

It's been two weeks since I've posted.
I'm well, but have been very busy...We went to visit our daughter in Indiana for a few days, and had a lot of fun seeing our granddaughters and spending time with all three of our girls too!
We attended our daughter's bridal shower, and met several of her friends as well as her fiancee's family for the first time.
Our soon to be Son in Law coaches a high school baseball team.We attended their state semi-final game, and had a great time watching them play!
We also went to a nice park with a zoo for the kids...Well, actually the adults had just as much fun too :)
Here are a few pictures:
Me and Sam at her Bridal shower...Me wearing a set of rabbit ears, courtesy of Jeff. 

Our oldest daughter, Ginny demonstrating how to play with this water globe at the zoo...
And here she is demonstrating how to play in the interactive prairie dog tunnels...
(I told you the adults had fun too!)
The grand kids had fun playing with the otters. 
(I had to climb into the underground opening to get this shot)
Here's the granddaughters...Our daughter Sam knows the owner of the hotel, so she got a good deal on a suite with adjoining rooms for our family.

 Jeff, Sam, and Sarah at the restaurant. We had a very good lunch there shortly after we arrived in Indiana.

Me and the girls later that day in the city of Lafayette.

Here are some shots I took as we walked around the city...Praise the Lord I was actually able to walk all the way around the main block and then some... I think I tired the kids out!

We came home last Monday, and then my sister and her husband visited on Tuesday.
On Wednesday Sarah went with me to my oncologist appointment and met my doctor and nurses while I had a checkup and Herceptin infusion....They teased her about inheriting my 'clumsy gene' when she walked into one of them...I almost collided into the doctor shortly afterwards as I was making my way (with my IV pole) the coffeepot!...It was the second time that he and I were on a collision course...though not that same day.
My blood counts remain quite low, but that is to be expected...everything else is great...In fact, my latest echo-gram two weeks ago showed that my heart is doing even better than when we began...My oncologist and the sonographer are baffled...But I'm not...God is not just protecting my heart from damage...He is creating a clean heart and renewing a right spirit within me...This test result is only a physical manifestation of that and I believe there is far more going on within my spiritual heart and soul.

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;
    wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
Let me hear joy and gladness;
    let the bones that you have broken rejoice.
Hide your face from my sins,
    and blot out all my iniquities.
10 Create in me a clean heart, O God,
    and renew a right spirit within me.
11 Cast me not away from your presence,
    and take not your Holy Spirit from me.
12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
and uphold me with a willing spirit. (Psalm 51)

Speaking of hearts, one of my best friends is in the hospital recovering from a heart catherization today. She is doing well, and will need no further surgery...also to the dismay of her doctors...What can I say, except...

Well, I hope you have enjoyed taking a tour with me today!

I am also working on a new blog that I believe will be easier for me to keep updated, as well as a pleasant place to have you visit...I am keeping this one up, but when the new one is completed I will be posting on there...don't worry I'll provide a link so you don't get lost.

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...



Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Looks like you have had an awesome time! You have a very beautiful family and you are looking great!! So glad to hear about your heart being protected. I know all the way through chemo I was praying that God would protect my body from the chemo and to only allow it to destroy any cancer cells that might be left.
God bless~ Lisa :o)

Sharon said...

What a wonderful time!! And it just pleases me no end to know that you had the energy to do all of this, and to spend such quality time with the people you love. God is good, isn't He?!

Great news about your heart - that is an answer to prayer for sure. Did they also tell you that you have a *very big heart* full of love??? God sees it, and so do I.


mari said...

What a beautiful family you have my is good to see your lovely smile :=) mari

Brenda said...

Lovely to see you with your family Lisa, and to know that you are doing so well. God is wonderful. God bless you with complete healing.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

This is so great! Your photos are beautiful very nice work! I love the fountain : ) And Jeff looks like he's doing well too. So glad and the wedding must be coming soon right? I put a photo of one of our lilies on my blog.

Woot! Thank You Jesus!

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Lisa :-)
God listens to those prayers...We are in his hands.

Never Forsaken said...

And you are very sweet to say that I have a big heart full of love...I hope it is the love of God that you see in it...Just as I see God's love shining through you too!

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Mari
God has surely blessed us with our families and friends! :D

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Brenda
It is so nice to hear from you...Hope you are enjoying the summer!
God is great and worthy of our praise!
Thank you for the blessing, my friend!

Never Forsaken said...

Awe, thanks Karen!
I loved the architecture of that much history there.
Yes, Sam and Casey will be married on July 10th in Vegas at the Bellagio ...We are unable to go, but will be having a reception in Indiana also afterwards.
I am heading over to your blog now =)
Yes...Thank you, Jesus...Its by his strength!

child of God said...

Hi Lisa,

What a wonderful time with family you had! Thanks for sharing all of these pics, you all look so happy.

Looking forward to you new blog, how exciting.

Hugs, love and many prayers hon,

Evanir said...

Mais um final de
não percebemos o quanto o tempo tem passado rápido
em nossa vidas...
Vale lembrar que o tempo não passa por
nós ,e sim nós que passamos por ele ..Tal a correria da nossa vida
das nos a Sensação que o tempo voa.
A dura realidade é que nunca paramos
para saber se alguém chora precisando de uma palavra de carinho.
Sinto isso na carne a cada amanhecer a falta
de afeto a simplicidade de um afago acariciando a alma.
Elevo meu pensamento a Deus no infinito
sinto uma lagrima rolar ao sentir que o Pai
nunca se afasta de mim .
Nunca me deixa sozinha.
Numa prece silenciosa rogo
a Deus por dias menos dolorosos .
Para todas as dores do mundo
incluindo a minha também.
Meu amor e carinho para você.
Um final de semana abençoado.
Leve meus beijos na alma
e meu carinho no coração.

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you for these beautiful words of encouragement, Evanir...May God bless you~ Lisa

Peggy said...

I have been catching up with your old posts and I particularly like this one that shows your lovely family. It's so good that you got to have such a good time and keep up with them.. I know you're a blessing to them. Praying for continued good times for you, sweet friend. Peggy

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