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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Need Prayer!

*Update*: She is back home, and there are no signs of a leakage!
God answers prayer...and He is AWESOME, and so is everybody who prayed...Thank you!

Please pray for our daughter, Ginny.
She is in the hospital with complications from gall bladder surgery that she had two weeks ago. There is fluid build up in the area where the gall bladder used to be, and the doctors think it is a bile duct leaking.   (not sure if I have that right or not)
The weather is bad where she lives, and I am not feeling so well right now myself...I know she would like to have us there with her, but I don't think that is possible right now!
I would appreciate any prayers from my friends...God is able!

Thanks & God Bless~ Lisa


An Ordinary Housewife said...

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering in this way. It sounds a bit scary to me too. I will be sure to keep your daughter in my thoughts.

When you can, please keep us updated on her progress.


Brenda said...

Let us all pray that the God who created Ginny's body will heal it, and we ask this in Jesus' name. Amen
God bless you Lisa, and your family.

Jedidja said...

I am ill at this moment and so I have the time to pray for you and Ginny! ( and other family )

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you for praying, my dear sisters...They are checking right now to see if the leaking has stopped...God is repairing the flesh where it needs repair, and Ginny is being washed clean with the blood of Jesus...It is by His stripes we are healed! I will use this as a testimony to His love and glory, and as a testament to the power of prayer amongst His children~Amen

I will keep you updated throught the day~God Bless~

Never Forsaken said...

I will keep you posted~Thanks for praying!

Never Forsaken said...

Praying in agreement, and for His blessing over you and your family as well, Brenda!

Never Forsaken said...

Praying for your recovery today, Jedidja...
Thanks for your prayers!

Child of God said...

Hi Lisa,

I will be praying for Ginny, you and Jedidja.


Never Forsaken said...

Thanks for your prayers...All is well...Praise Jesus!!

Susie Swanson said...

Prayers for sure.. Please keep us updated.

Reformed rebel said...

I just got on tonight and saw this about your daughter. Also read where you said all is well. Praise the Lord! I will still pray for her anyway and for you. More prayer never hurts anything!

Blessings to you my friend!

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks for your prayers, Susie and Chelle.
Never underestimate the power of prayer!
~God bless~

Peggy said...

I am praying for healing for your daughter Ginny and for yourself also and for your husband that he will not get sick. I'm praying for all of you blessings in the new year.

Carol Z said...

Adding my prayers for Ginny's recovery.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Peggy and Carol,
Thank you for your prayers...Ginny is doing better, and I am feeling better now as well. I always appreciate your prayers for Jeff, since he is dealing with RA...Thank the Lord for good doctors and medicine to help us handle such diseases...and of course, we are thankful when He choses complete healing for our ailments too!
Have a wonderful (and safe) New Years!
~God Bless~ Lisa

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