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Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday...

Today I am having a follow up brain MRI, just to make sure the lesion has not changed...Hopefully it is gone altogether (God can do it)!...And as much as I dislike having to lay in that MRI scanner for so long...I would rather be there than fighting through the crowds in the stores this morning!
Here's a good summary of how I feel about Black Friday:

My response to all of this....
But if you are one of those brave souls who are venturing out there looking for a great bargain today...Please stay safe, and watch out for someone who may need your help today.

~Blessings & Love~
and remember, we are...



Susie Swanson said...

Sending lots of prayers up for you sweet friend. God has this and is going to take care of it. I agree on the Black Friday 100%. Lots of love and hugs, xo

Sandi said...

Ouch. That's a whole lotta shopping!

I had some kind of scan where they actually put me inside the machine. I was like a little torpedo about to be shot out into space. But a friend told me the trick to beating the claustrophobia. Keep your eyes closed.

Sandi said...

Hope your MRI goes well!

Jedidja said...

I hope so your MRI is well.

What is black Friday? Never heard about that.

Sharon said...

Prayers for you today, dearest friend. May the Lord bring you His peace, and may the results be perfect.

I'm with you, no shopping today. That quote you had was (unfortunately) painfully true. May the Lord help us to focus on eternal treasures, and be content with what He has given us in this life.


child of God said...

Praying this MRI comes up clear.

Is it really that bad on Black Friday? Do people really get hurt and trampled while shopping? It just seems so sad.

I love you a lot sister. Many hugs and prayers.

Brenda said...

Hi Lisa,
my prayers have been for you too, and may the Lord bless you with good health. I did not have a clue what Black Friday was until I saw that they have been having it here in the U.K. I have never seen anything so ridiculous, queuing from 3 a.m and then fighting one another for a bargain. Four Tesco stores had to close down here on Friday and there was an old lady in one of them who was pushed onto the floor and trampled on - just for a 40 inch TV?
God bless you, and trust your Friday was a rainbow coloured one. x

Alex said...

Echoing what Sandi said ~ never open your eyes inside the scanner,imagine a spacious beach scene or similar, I found this v, helpful too. !'ll pray for you and for a clear scan.
Couldn't agree more about B. Friday ~ brings out the worst in people. It seems the UK is doing it now, too, ~ now why couldn't we have taken on Thanksgiving instead?!!
Many blessings

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Susie...Prayers for you too...
Love and ((hugs))back to you!

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Sandi...It sounds like you had an MRI too. I am used to getting them since I started back in 2004 for my back problems. This time is not too bad since they don't put me all the way in like they did for my leat I can sort of see outside of it through the opening.

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks, Jedidja...Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year when many of the shops have huge sales for only one day...the day right after Thanksgiving. People line up for hours right before the stores open for the sales, and once the doors open sometimes they stampede inside to get to the goods first..and then they stand in line for hours to pay for it afterwards.
Some stores actually start the sales at 6 pm on Thanksgiving day until noon the next day, and people stay up all night long shopping.
It is crazy...even the traffic is congested during that time.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sharon, yes...that quote is unfortunately much greed.
I'm so glad that my family aren't the type of people who expect much for Christmas...even when the kids were little they were happy with whatever we got for them, and they treasured the time spent together as a family instead of the trinkets that the stores sold.
God gave us the one precious and most valuable gift...There are some people who should be running straight to Jesus instead of to the stores!
And salvation is free...That's the best bargain of all.

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks so much, Sweetie.
Yes, unfortunately the picture I posted was only one of many real images of people being trampled in real life...There is usually a fatality or two every year...This year I have not listened to the news yet, so hopefully there is not.
Jeff and I have been in stores the evening before, and seen people sitting in the aisles waiting for the sales to begin...even young children sit in front of what they want and play on their phones while they wait, which isn't too bad...we left well before the hour approached.
There was one time however, when the movie 'Twilight' first came out and we were shopping late at night after Jeff's shift ended...and all the kids (in a college town) came stampeding through the store at midnight to get their copies of the DVD...We had to run out of the way! We ended up having to ask one of the store workers what was going on....but that was only a small group compared to the people standing outside the stores on Black Friday!
Love you much too...((hugs))~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Brenda, Yes...unfortunately this type of behavior usually ends up in someone being hurt or worse.
I have seen pictures of people playing tug of war over items too...and all out fist fights and wrestling brawls...all over some piece of rubbish that may last only a year or so, and end up in the garbage.
I look at those pictures, and am disgusted by the show of human depravity some of them reveal. Even the stampeding reminds me of mindless animals!
That is not what God wants us to be....I am so sorry that this madness seems to be spreading into other countries now...They call it 'black Friday' because it usually puts the stores into the black in terms of sales revenue...It's just a marketing scheme, and often times the stores will feature their less than quality products for the 'door openers'...The stuff they can't sell very well otherwise.
It is sad.
My Friday was very quiet, and uneventful :)
God bless!

Never Forsaken said...

I agree...It would be far better if the UK adopted Thanksgiving instead....At least here in the US, the shoppers are slowed down a little because they ate too much the day!~God bless and thanks for your prayers, my friend.

child of God said...

Crazy!!! All that chaos and risk of injury for a deal that probably really isn't that much of a deal. I have looking at the online versions for Black Friday and really I don't see that much of a saving. Maybe it is different in the stores in the US. I have noticed that the past couple of years Canada has a mimic Black Friday event but again the deals are not that impressive.

Prayers and love you hon.

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