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Monday, February 18, 2013

Joyful in His presence

Dear Heavenly Father,
You are so kind to me, so patient and merciful with me!
I am so selfish, and impatient with you , wanting everything “right now” and complaining all the time!

Forgive me my Dearest Father, and help me to see how wonderful you are. Help me to say with a joyful heart: “This is the day that the Lord has made, let me rejoice and be glad in it!” Help me to be more joyful!

Even when the skies are dark and gray, remind me, Oh Lord~ that the Son is always shining!
Help me to always see the Light!

Remind me to not hide your light where others can not see it. Your light in me is your Word in me, your Word is…
   JESUS, The Light of the World!   
God inhabits the praises of His people, and In His presence is
FULLNESS OF JOY! (Psalm 22:3~Psalm 16:11)



Child of God said...

Not to long now and spring will be here. :)


Never Forsaken said...

And again I say ~Amen!~


Reformed rebel said...

Love your prayer Lisa. Just what I needed to read this afternoon!

Never Forsaken said...

Glad you found this helpful Chelle~ God always knows what we need and when!

Dee said...

Amen...I appreciate Gods patients and forgiveness.♥

Susie Swanson said...

Awe, this is just what I needed today.. Great post and I love the new look of your blog. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I can completely relate to this prayer. It sounds like the typical types of prayers that I write in my prayer journal. I too need to learn to be "more joyful," as I haven't been as of late. It's hard to be joyful when you have a chronic stomach illness.

Blessings to you!

P.S. Do you have an email address?

Denise said...

Amen, beautiful.

Brenda said...

what can be more fulfilling than resting in the Lord, being still and knowing that He is God and waiting for Him to direct our path as we learn patience (the ability to endure with calmness) as He guides us through our trials. What a beautiful little picture of Emma, and what lovely memories you must have of the time the Lord had you to lovingly care for her. God bless you.

Never Forsaken said...

Me too, Dee!
Sometimes I know I must test His patience though.

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks Susie...I needed to look at color...and I look at the computer screen an awful lot lately, lol!

Never Forsaken said...

I know how you feel. That's when we need His comfort the most. It may take more time to feel any joy on days when physical pain is the main thing that you feel. It is actually something that we must train our minds to focus on the positive over the negative...The love of Jesus and the blessings (like our husbands, pets, homes,etc.) that He has given us can be coping tools.
I am writing this while in a lot of pain today...there was a time when all I would do was lay in bed, or curl up on the couch and do nothing/talk to nobody! Now I have some ability to not let the pain take over completely!
This is because of Jesus, and nothing that I could do on my own!
My e-mail:
I am online throughout the day except weekends, unless my husband gets called into work.

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks Denise,
~God bless~

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Brenda,
I like that: "the ability to endure with calmness".
I shudder to think of all the times when I endured, but not with calmness, but with fear and anxiety instead!
Emma never really liked having her picture can see it how she turned her head away, as if to say "stop invading my privacy!", lol!
~God bless you too~

Ken said...

No matter how tough things may be, there is always joy in the presence of the Lord.
Have a blessed day,

Never Forsaken said...

Amen, Ken!
God gives what is needed when it is needed~ God bless you too~ Lisa

Jedidja said...

O love it to read your prayer.

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks Jedidja,
God bless you~ Lisa

Susie Swanson said...

God fills our hearts with joy.. I love your prayer so much.. Blessings

Peggy said...

Thank goodness for Jesus' Light that gets us through the dark, dreary times. I pray that you will have Jesus' SonLight every day this winter.

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you Susie,
~God bless you, my friend~


Never Forsaken said...

Hi Peggy,
Yes, He is my Light, I am learning gratitude even in this long winter season!
~God bless, my friend~

Just Be Real said...

Needed to read these words today....thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Never Forsaken said...


I am glad this was helpful...sometimes the Lord allows us to share what we are learning with others so that we can help each other in our walk with the Lord...we can only learn and do better.
~God bless you, friend~

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