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Thursday, November 3, 2016


When a fast food chain starts placing venison (deer) on their menu..It is NOT a good thing!

I'm not even gonna name the restaurant, since I don't want to freely advertise this..But most of you probably already know anyway.
Opening day of deer hunting is a big thing up North where we live.
And yes, we do have venison in our freezer still from last season as I write this..
The reason I am not happy about this is because, as an eater of venison, I am able to enjoy the meat because I know that the person who harvested my deer did so with responsibility and even compassion. I know that she lived within her herd and grazed on the land that our friend owns which consists of several wooded acres as well as thousands of surrounding farm fields here in Northern Michigan.
Not one season have I failed to first thank the Creator for this provision and then thank the deer for her sacrifice.
So..why shouldn't the folks who do not or cannot hunt be able to partake in a venison sandwich at a fast food restaurant? Well, my answer is pretty simple.
For the same reason I have given up eating beef, pork and chicken. *I am not always successful in avoiding these foods however, but am working on it. I am also in the process of eliminating dairy from my diet..This is actually easier for me because of awesome products such as almond and cashew milks.
I can no longer eat those animals knowing that (many times) their sacrifice came about from having to exist in a very cruel and abusive industry where their flesh means big money, and they are  treated as just a product for mass consumption. Living in cramped holding stalls or cages unable to see daylight in many cases, and in order to get good and fat, unable to run around and feel the earth beneath their feet and graze with their herds the way God intended.
I am not trying to start a debate here..just telling the facts of what our consumer-driven fast food chains have to do in order to satisfy the wants of their customer in a way that is cost effective for their industry.
I think many people would agree that it is pretty awesome to watch wild deer as they peacefully graze in a field or leap through the wild landscapes like they do so here in the great state of Michigan and elsewhere..their white tail flagging as they retreat into the forests.
I enjoy watching the small family of four deer that like to hang around our front yard picking through acorns that have fallen, or pulling down branches of the cedar pines that grow in our swamp and nourish them throughout the cold winter months.

Now, this fast food chain might say they have sourced their venison from some distant place where the animals are grass fed etc..But the truth of the matter is that may be the case for now while they are introducing this new product to their customers, just to see if there will be a demand for it or not..But once they discover how people do enjoy eating venison (like we have for millennia) and that they are making lots of money selling the product..then I'm sure the dollars will follow the demand like everything else..and they will have no shortage of 'sources' to draw from in order to keep the cash flowing!
I would expect many people will be excited about profiting from this new industry and our government would likely allow farms to raise deer in areas where they are plentiful like right here in Northern Michigan as well as all over the USA.
I would also expect to stop seeing the deer in the wild anymore before long.
If you doubt what I'm saying here..then let me tell you..The fast food restaurant that just introduced this item on the menu
 in six states on Halloween day, is already boasting that it was a total success as the sandwich completely sold out on the first day.Just some 'food for thought'!

And remember, we are...



Sandi said...

Oh, my God.

Too much cruelty in the world.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am getting further and further away from meat and dairy products. I try to limit them. To be honest they are not really good for us - and we can have much better health when we limit or not eat them at all. With that being said- my husband still likes his meat so I continue to get it and fix it for him. But my diet is more and more of a plant based diet.
God bless, Lisa in Texas :O)

Ginny said...

Cannot agree with you more mom. It is so much about the money. The cost of eating healthier is so much more than eating badly.

Never Forsaken said...

So true, but as I like to say: "This ain't heaven."

Never Forsaken said...

You are right, meat has recently been proven to contribute to cancer..and as a breast cancer survivor, dairy is really bad for me because of the hormones.

Never Forsaken said...

It is always about the money when it comes to big food corps..It may cost more, but worth the investment when you are healthier and don't lose money through lost work and/or doctor bills..venison is a healthy meat because it is from the wild and less fatty.
I'm glad you shared this post on fb. Thanks! Love you

Never Forsaken said...

Oh, and Texas is one of the states this is being tried out.

Brenda said...

I did not eat meat for about eight years when we lived in Australia, although I still ate fish - mostly salmon. I went back to eating meat later, I think mainly because my husband is a meat eater, but I have to say that it hurts me more and more when I do eat it.
Now I eat more quorn vegie products,(pies, mince, chicken, and many others), which actually taste really nice. I love fruit and veg. and a vegetarian lasagne is much nicer than a meat one. Most of the meats have very little taste anyway, and I have always believed that many sicknesses come from them.
Every time I pass a field with sheep, cows and other animals I think about slaughter houses and get upset. A man who worked in one once told me that the cows actually cry, tears running from their eyes, when the calves are taken from them to be killed for veal. I could not believe that anyone could want to eat a four day old calf. I believe I shall stop eating meat altogether very soon.
God bless you for sharing this Lisa.

Never Forsaken said...

I love the Quorn products..they make a really good gourmet veggie burger!
I really hate seeing those white veal crates lined up along the farm yards..well away from where the mama cows is such a cruel industry. I admit I really was blind to it all until recently..I just never gave it much thought. In order to get lots of milk, cows must be pregnant almost continually, which means there are a lot of calves born as a surplus..and if they are male then they are used for meat..placed in a crate where they cannot move about to help fatten up, while females are destined for the same as the mother.
I've heard that the mama cows will cry all night sometimes for days after the baby is taken from her..There are many videos online of the cows even running after the trucks that take the calves away.
Even some dairy/beef farmers have stopped farming after seeing too much.
I like almond and cashew milks better than cow's milk. And all flavor in meat comes from seasonings anyway.
Thanks for visiting, Brenda..God bless you, my friend.

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh deer... that really is terrible. I was in the East Coast for four months a few years ago, and I just loved the deer that would come grazing at the back yard (and also sneaking into the front lawn many times)... they are just adorable creatures, especially for me who lives in Asia where there really are no deer roaming around in the wild. I am sure that God our Father will even all these things out in the end. This is how fallen humanity has become - I cannot also stand cruelty to cows, pigs, chicken, knowing as you do how terrible the living conditions are for these animals. I am sure God had a point when he said Adam and Eve are to eat vegetable and fruit... it is what our teeth are best for, even dentists say that our teeth were not designed for chewing meat. Thanks for your post... we can join our prayers together for those new restaurants, that God will intervene. I still believe in the power of prayer, dear Lisa. Love, Lidia

Never Forsaken said...

You are so right, even our digestive system is not designed for the breaking down of animal flesh and most cannot even tolerate dairy very well.
God will indeed require an answer to those who are violent to others, even if those others are not human..they are still a part of his beloved creation.
I always try to explain to people, especially youngsters how much it must have broken God's heart to have to provide the skins from animals to cover Adam and Eve..This was the first sin offering, and just like the last sin offering it came straight from our Heavenly Father. Thank God there is no more offering required!

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