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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Let's go for a ride!

Meet our new mud buggy!
(A dream come true for us)

oops, this is from Hog Island a couple weeks ago..But I'm leaving it on here cause it is so pretty

Time for lunch on the trail
Thanks for coming along for the ride!

and always remember,
we are...



Jane said...

Is that you? You're a kid! And such a dazzling smile.

Looks like your buggy is just what you need for that beautiful terrain. Sure is pretty!


Never Forsaken said...

Lol..That's me! (kid at heart, lol)
The buggy is great for exploring the woods..We used to hike all the time, but now we are able to go so much further in!
The nice thing is we are now easily able to get supplies such as fire wood if needed.
(( hugs ))

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