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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Golly, Miss Molly!


We watched  Molly, our daughter’s Chihuahua last month while she went to Vegas…

She came with a lot of luggage and a lot of rules such as:

  • Do not touch her, there, there, or there…
  • Do not touch her toys…
  • Do not touch her food…
  • Do not touch her bed or her tent, which the bed is inside of….etc..etc..

By the time we returned her to her Mommy, I was able to touch her anywhere, play with her toys, her food, her bed and whatever else was on the list.


She tried to nip me once early on, but I just simply got up and walked away leaving her on the couch by herself for the night…I didn’t even look back at her.


The next morning she was begging for my attention, even placing her little body underneath my hand as if to say that it was alright to pet her anywhere I wanted to, just so long as I never left her by herself like that again! She stayed near me for the remainder of her time with us.


Molly is staring at the vacuum that I had just finished using. (Yes, that is how much dog hair I vacuum up at one time!)


Molly and I are playing…


She is a blur for most of the pictures because she is so fast!



Where did it go?


Got it!



What cha doing, Grandma?


Finally, it’s time for a nap.



Molly loves my favorite blanket…maybe because she feels well-hidden in it?


Buddy watches Molly from a safe distance…He and I went outside and played with the stick Shortly after, but not before I played a game of hide and seek with the dogs…I laughed so hard watching them from my hiding place while they ran around in circles looking for me…I nearly wet my pants when Buddy ran right past me…I couldn’t stop giggling, so Molly found me!

Lord willing, I’ll be back with some more updates from the past month…

In the meantime, could you please pray for a clear MRI next Tuesday, Aug.12…My doctor does not believe there is anything wrong, but wants to do this test before figuring out why my balance is still off…He says it is probably just me….or my inner ear more specifically.


and remember, we are…



Reformed rebel said...

First....very cute dog. Sometimes you just have to let them know that being bad is not okay. Kind of like kids! lol

Second....I will be praying for you for a clear MRI. I know God can do anything and I believe He has much more for you to do as well. Also praying for your balance. And...I will be waiting for that update. I have so been wondering how you are?!

Love you my friend...Blessings

Reformed rebel said...

I so love being number 1!! LOL

Sharon said...

So good to see you back in Blog Land! I've missed you!

Molly is adorable - but, so is Buddy. I love dogs! And I just love babysitting my grandbeagle. Fun and games and lots of string cheese! (Hey, I'm a grandma, and I get to spoil him!)

Yes, dear friend, will pray for a clear MRI - and also that the balance problem will resolved itself quickly. That symptom can be so disturbing. Will be waiting for your update...


Sandi said...

I wonder what she is thinking as she stares at the vaccuum cleaner? ;)

Crown of Beauty said...

So glad to read a new blog update from you. And what a cute, heartwarming post this is - with all the photos too. I am sure Miss Molly enjoyed her time with you! And I was also chuckling when I read the part about the hide and seek, and Buddy ran by you! I also love dogs. I will certainly be praying for a clear MRI for you, dear friend.

child of God said...

Lol, little dogs are fun, testy, but fun none the less. I'm glad she finally felt safe with you and bonded. That is always such a great feeling.

Praying for this MRI to be clear and for you to not worry.

Hugs sister,

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks so much for the prayers, my dears...I am totally not worried about this.
God is good, and the balance problem precedes the cancer, so the doc is likely right about it just being me.
Menopause can also cause the balance problems as you once told me, Child of God...and then a friend recently told me that happened to her as well, even during peremenepause , which would have been about the right timing for me.
~Blessings and love~ Lisa

Susie Swanson said...

Sweet dog. Still sending lots of prayers for you sweet friend. Hope all goes well. Blessings and hugs, xo

Brenda said...

Hi Lisa,
what a lovely little dog Molly is, she is the same colours as our cat. I love the way that she was almost able to hide through camouflage while on your favourite blanket, and the fact that she soon came to love and trust you once she came to know you.

I too will pray for a clear MRI. All things ARE possible with God who loves us.

God bless you.

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you, Susie for your prayers and encouragement!
Blessings & Love~ Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

~Amen~ God is able and willing to heal us!
I got to visit Molly again recently, and she was a bit warmer towards me now...I guess I am in her 'circle' as my daughter says.
~God bless you too, my friend~

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