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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I need to do an update!

This is just an update to let you all know that I know I need to do an update..LOL!

I am well, but very very busy with so much going on lately that I haven't had the time to do a proper update in awhile...I hope to get some time next week, after all the dust settles around here  before another trip to Indiana, and before the Grand kids come for a visit.
Thanks for your comments on my last post...I so appreciate everyone who reads and comments...and I do read them!

One thing to share today...SAM AND CASEY ARE GETTING MARRIED TODAY AT 4PM IN VEGAS!!! It will be 7pm here in Michigan and we will be watching the wedding LIVE on the web...So excited!
Much more to come in a future update (with pictures and everything)...LOL!




Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Yay! For the wedding - so glad you are going to get to watch it. That is great!
Take care~ Lisa :O)

Sharon said...

Lisa, always good to hear from you! Congrats to Sam and Casey! How fun that you get to *share* in the festivities! Can't wait to see pictures. And, if you're very busy, that's good news - for it means (I'm supposing) that you're feeling strong and have good energy. This continues to be my prayer for you!

Oh, an update here. We've seen several baby deer with their mommies at our watering trough. Fortunately, we're far enough away from people that no one will be deer-napping them!!


Reformed rebel said...

Awesome Lisa. I am so happy to hear you are doing good! Can't wait for more news!!

m said...

How wonderful Lisa...congratulations :0) m.

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