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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Date at the Office

I went to my husband’s office with him on Friday.
CIMG3068 - CopyThe OfficeWinking smile
Actually it was his day off.
I woke up Thursday to a message on the dry erase board in the kitchen; it read:
 Date- Friday 7:am (if it’s sunny)
My husband works in some really beautiful places. He seen an amazing sunrise one morning, so he wanted to make a date with me so that we could see it together

CIMG3027CIMG3046 (2)
There was quite a bit of fog, so we had to wait until it lifted…so it was a bit later than sunrise, but still very pretty.
CIMG3057CIMG3055CIMG3071A lake by where he parks his officeCIMG3061A curious little fellow.

I hoped to see a bear, since this is bear country, & I did!CIMG3080The sign says that the weight of it was 7100 lbs.! Surprised smile
We got breakfast to go and ate by the lake close to home.
It was a wonderful date with my wonderful husband!
~I am so blessed~

 Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life that he has given you under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun. Ecclesiastes 9:9


Jane said...

What a romantic fellow your husband is, Lisa! I love the Bible verse.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Jane,
Yes, he sure is!
That verse was pretty fitting wasn't it ;D
God bless~ Lisa

Sharon said...

What a lovely morning, and what a thoughtful husband to include you in a special time.

Loved the pictures, and the verse was great!


child of God said...

Your man sure does know how to win a woman's heart! How romantic and so very thoughtful and caring of him. You are a very blessed woman!

Thanks for sharing, I'm smiling from ear to ear. :)


Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sharon,
I got a kick out of your post today too...I read it right after writing this one, and thought it a coincidence that you were posting about "the office" too, LoL!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sweetie,
Yes I am!
Glad this made you smile ear to ear :D

Brenda said...

You have a lovely relationship with your husband, tying in with the scripture, and your pics are beautiful.
God bless

m. said...

Lisa...what joy to be able to share Our Lord's creation with the one you love :-) m.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Brenda,
We've been married over 30 years and tell everyone (especially young couples) that the secret is to make one another a first priority (after the Lord). This was not always easy while raising our children though because children tend to take center stage while they are young...But it is only for a time until we are left alone with only one another again...So your relationship with your spouse must become a priority.

I always love it when the Lord leads me straight to the perfect scripture to help illustrate something don't you? It goes to show just how vested in our daily lives He really is!

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Maria,
Yes it is a great joy and also a privilege...I never want to take for granted all the blessings that God gives...He is so very awesome!
~God bless~

Susie Swanson said...

These are so gorgeous. This is such a sweet post. It's always so nice to enjoy it together. Blessings and hugs.

Dee said...

office it :)

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Susie,
Thanks Hon, Glad you enjoyed!
~God bless~

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Dee,

It's pretty sweet!

~God bless~

Mona's Picturesque said...

♥ Gorgeous date! Beautiful post and a beautiful blog. And you must be a beautiful person! :)

Never Forsaken said...

Awe, thank you for such a nice comment Mona, and welcome to my blog!
~God bless~ Lisa

Just Be Real said...

How so very nice. Blessings to you Lisa.

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks Grace~God bless~Lisa

Sharon said...

Just read your post about the drywall repair - thought I'd leave my comment here so you'd see it. What a great post! You so thoroughly covered the way God works in us (on us??) - and your post added so much to the lessons He taught me in my driveway! Thanks for sending me over there - I really enjoyed reading it. And, of course, the Scriptures were the perfect complement to the lesson!


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