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Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Recently the Lord blessed us with this Chevy Venture van.  I have a vehicle to use while Jeff works. He’s been saying I need to get out on my own more, and that I should take Buddy for a ride to get him used to the van.
So, today after I picked up some prescriptions I decided to take Bud for a little ride down some back roads and maybe take a few photos along the way like my blog friend Dee does. Winking smile
Here is the beginning of our little adventure in the venture van:
A nice spot to take a picture…So I rolled down my window…
…So did Buddy!!!
I kept trying to roll the passenger window up, and he kept stepping on the button and rolling it back down, and then he tried to jump out the window…but I grabbed him (all 100 lbs. of him) by the tail!!!
Then I had to drive 5 miles /hr. all the way back home, because the bumpy dirt road was making him really anxious, and he kept trying to get into my lap, causing me to pull over six or seven times along the way (every time we hit a bump that made a sound under the floorboards of the van).
I considered parking the van and walking him the rest of the way home (the stretch of road we were on is where we used to hike, but had to stop because of poaching)…and wouldn’t you know it, they were back there shooting again…the shots were making him even more anxious, so I had to keep moving while holding him back away from me…as he really wanted to get into my lap!
Buddy running for the door…Thank the Lord we are back home!

He still seems shaken…We have been home for nearly an hour now, and I am still shaking too…We make quite a pair, the two of us.
For a little background story:
Buddy was in a bad car accident as a puppy, and has been afraid of car rides ever since (3yrs).  Since last summer Jeff and I have been taking him for rides trying to get him used to it…so far he has been doing pretty good, but this was the first time I took him by myself. Clearly it is too soon for that.


He is still in bed, the place he goes when he gets upset or nervous…He might as well stay there until the Fourth of July celebrations throughout the weekend are over with then.


Denise said...

ahhhhhhhhh, poor buddy. coco sends great big puppy dog hugs, licks, and tail wags. love you both very much.

Anonymous said...

My dog was also afraid of car rides. But what I do is that I put a harness on him and that keeps him safe. I also don't put him in the front seat, but in the back seat, snuggled with a blanket. This way, he is calm throughout the ride and doesn't get so nervous. Sorry about your adventure my friend.

Sharon said...

Poor Buddy! :(

Dogs are like people in so many ways - and his early *trauma* lingers. I'm hoping he'll get better with more exposure.

The dog I grew up with hated the car - got sick when we drove around the block. My son's beagle, Marty, LOVES the car! Sits in his seat until I park the car, and then leaps into my lap. I've tried explaining to him that neither of us can get out until he moves - but he's oblivious!


Never Forsaken said...

Buddy says to tell Coco thank you! We love you guys too.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Maria,
A harness sounds like a good idea.
Bud did great just the day before when my husband took him. He said he enjoyed hanging his head out the window, so I thought it would be a good idea.
I have a rug, pillows and blanket for the dogs in the back, and when we take them they usually both lay down on the seat or floor (we only kept the one bench seat back there)...They seem very comfy. We will likely look for some type of barrier to place so that he cannot leap into the frontseats anymore now.
I will see about a harness. Is it that one that is supposed to 'hug' the dog to keep them calm, or do you just use it to hook him to something in your car for restraint?

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sharon,
I got my other dog Sasha so that I would have a companion (for safety) while I did my job in code enforcement. I specifically prayed for a dog that would be big, black and also would like to lay lazilily on the front porch (because our previous dog had left the yard and been killed by another dog the year prior...Well, The Lord answered my prayer, except it took Sasha more than a year before she quit getting car sick everytime the car moved!
Needless to say, I ended up leaving her home while I went to work. She still loves to lay on the front porch and never leaves the yard, and thankfully she loves car rides now. We will still work on Buddy.
Sometimes dogs can be so funny, your son's beagle sounds like a character!

Brenda said...

Oh Lisa, sometimes I am quite a lemon. When I first started reading your post I thought Buddy was a child - until you said you stopped him trying to jump out of the window by catching hold of his tail. It is so sad that he had that bad accident. The journey sounded quite traumatic for him, especially with the shooting, but do you know? Sometimes being thrown in at the deep end can work wonders. I am sure when he has his next journey and it is nice and calm he will have lots more confidence. He is gorgeous and so are your pics.

Dee said...

I can totally visualize you holding onto Buddy's tail trying to keep him in the van LOL...Poor Buddy. And that looked like a great road to back road wander too....♥

Never Forsaken said...

LOL, sometimes I think Buddy is a child too ;)

We are gonna give him a few more days, and then take him for another ride with the both of us next time for safety purposes. He is pretty anxious this week to begin with because of all the fireworks people are setting off all over the neighborhood for the Fourth Of July here in the States...This town is a resort town, and there are many vacationers here, so Buddy is not a happy camper just now...he loves his peace and quiet like me :(

Never Forsaken said...

Yeah, I'm glad there wasn't too many other cars on the road...But I was careful to pull over as soon as he started to freak out. I can only imagine how funny it must have looked me sitting there holding onto a huge dog by the tail while he was trying to scramble out of that window, LOL!
That was in a neighborhood where I used to work alot issuing permits and meeting with the lake association president who lives around there...I hadn't been in that neighborhood in a couple years, even though it is close to my home...It is very pretty back there! I will have to go back for more pictures...funny, but I used to take lots of pics of properties in that neighborhood for my job back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Poor buddy! I hope he has recovered from his car ride. {HUGS} Buddy!

Just Be Real said...

Lisa, thank you for the lovely picture show. I could get lost, mentally, in God's nature where you live. Blessings.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Gina,

Buddy is alright now, my husband took him for a short drive in the van yesterday. He rigged up a safe barrier between the fromt seats so that Bud would not be able to do that again...and he did just fine with it.
Blessings and love, Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Grace,
You're welcome...I have been lost in God's nature for a long time now, LOL!
Blessings and love, Lisa

Crystal Mary said...

Poor Buddy, still he had an outing. I wonder why he gets so afraid? My little ones all stick their heads out of the window and bark at everything. Glad you took the camera so that we all got to enjoy your drive. Isn't a blog a wonderful place to share with friends you never meet but are as close as family. xx

child of God said...

Hi Lisa,
What an interesting outing! Poor Buddy. I rescued a wolf a few years back and she was terrified of vehicles. While bringing her to my home, she managed to jam her 150 lb body under my legs while I was driving. I don't think I had ever been more afraid of crashing as I was then. It was a miracle I was able to hit the brakes and the clutch, (it was a standard truck) and pull over to the side of the road while still in control of the truck. Nakita, was shaking like a leaf with her tail smashed up against her belly, her ears laid flat and a pathetic whining coming out of her. Poor girl was terrified. I drove the rest of the way home with her half on my lap and a blanket over her head. We had instant bonding and I immediately became alpha female. :) God knew what He was doing but I sure was scared during the whole process.

Hoping Buddy has recovered.


Never Forsaken said...

Hi Crystal Mary,

I think he still remembers the car accident from when he was about 3-4 months old. The car was hit broad sided, and spun around out of control all the while Bud was pinned between my daughter and the passenger side window...Thank the Lord he was there to shield Sarah from hitting her head against that window!
Yes, a blog is a blessing that brings the family of God closer ;)
~Blessings and love, Lisa

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Sweetie,

Bud has been going for a few short rides since I posted this, and he is doing better :)
A wolf? One of my favorite of God's creatures! They are increasing in number here in the northern part of the lower peninsula...My husband, daughter and her friend saw one in the wild about 3 years ago while I was driving nearby...What were you rescuing the wolf from? Was she injured...God must have told her that you were there to help, otherwise she might have been defensive...sounds like quite a story...I'd love to hear it sometime;D
~Blessings and love, Lisa

child of God said...

I am glad that Buddy is doing better with the car rides. Soon he will hear the jingle of the keys and get excited, especially if you take him to places that he really enjoys. :)

I too LOVE wolves and have a real knack with wild animals. Nakita was a 3 year old wolf who the owner couldn't look after anymore. She was constantly tied up on a clothesline and a friend of mine knew of her and told the owner that having her tied up day after day on the clothesline was cruel. She mentioned that I would be willing to care for Nakita and the owner said she would love to meet me so we could talk. I met the owner told her my experience with abused horses and wild animals and she said I could take her. So off I went with this beautiful wolf!! I had Nakita for 3 years and then she went missing. I do believe one of my neighbours might have shot her as she tended to wander at night time.

She was the very best animal I have ever had the priviledge to look after. I learned a lot from her and I never grew tired of just watching her watch me. :)

Blessings hon,

Susie Swanson said...

I love your pictures. I hope Buddy gets used to riding. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy it more.. Prayers and Blessings, Susie

Never Forsaken said...

Thanks Susie,
We are working with him, I hope so too!
~God bless~ Lisa

Peggy said...

That's a funny story about you and Buddy. it sounds like something I would do. you should have seen me yesterday trying to water the flowers with Grace, the Border Collie, attacking the water. We both got so wet I decide to grab the dog shampoo and wash him while we were at it. Always love to hear of your adventures.

Jedidja said...

I love what you wrote!

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