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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lantern or Lighthouse?

Ever been lost?
When we lived in the city it was unthinkable to get lost outside at night because there was always light, no matter how late. When we moved from the city into a very rural, wooded place I realized just how dark the night could be, you literally could get lost in your own backyard without a yard light on! In fact, family members nearby had their property stolen and among the items taken was a lantern, no doubt to light the thief's way while looking for valuables. God's Word is called a lantern in the bible. (Psalm 119:105) I've been lost before, even in daytime because I failed to read a map (yes, women do that sometimes too). But there is nothing scarier than getting lost in the dark where we can't see familiar markers to guide us to safety, we wander aimlessly stumbling over even the smallest obstacles. Sometimes we drift so far away from God because we've embarked on our journey neglecting to keep our lanterns lit with(the Word of God); that's when He sometimes needs to send us a lighthouse to guide us back to safety, that's when we encounter God's word usually where or when we didn't expect it. Hopefully we will learn to be wise enough to stay on the narrow way trusting Jesus as our shepherd, for surely He is like a lighthouse guiding us. 

If I were lost, would you bring your lantern and come find me?

 Would you share the light of God's word with me?

Would you be a light set upon the hilltop?
(Matthew 5:14)

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